Best YouTube Videos to Watch While High


Design by Jena Salvatore Is there anything better than getting high, chilling in your bed with food (S/O Tapingo for McDonald's delivery), and watching something funny online? Answer: no. But with the lack of attention and slow reaction time that comes with our beloved ganj, it's an exhausting task figuring out what exactly to watch.

An anonymous source took to the task of figuring out some of the best YouTube videos for all you fuckers to watch while stoned. Everyone’s high taste is different, but one of these videos is sure to either scar you for life or move into your “favorites” playlist. Watch on.

1. Key & Peele – Obama – The College Years

Thank you, Key & Peele for this American treasure of a sketch. Seeing our beloved Obama toked as hell with his buddies pleased our source’s soul. Though Comedy Central claims this was merely a fictional sketch, our source would like to believe that it’s factually based. There’s no doubt in our minds that Obama came up with some of his most ground-breaking domestic policies after hitting a j.

2. OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Our source firmly believes that if we could somehow get this song playing 24/7 all over the world, war would cease and there’d be endless apple fritters for everyone. The people in this video look like the chillest, happiest people on the planet as they listen to this massive man, “IZ,” sing some song about rainbows, probably inspired by hallucinogens. Besides that, some really fascinating stills start at 0:58 that our source gives positive reviews.

3. Colors of the Wind REMIX

Some clicks in the suggestions bar led our source to this wonderful montage. Not only does one get to experience a trap-like remix of the most overplayed Disney song of all time, but one also has to admire the sheer amount of time the creator must’ve spent on Google Images. Girl in 0:37 will undoubtedly become your spirit animal. Though the video seemed “pointless” and “unbelievably stupid” at first, watching the whole thing proved a pay-off and is highly recommended.

4. VeggieTales - His CheeseBurger

We recommend this video if you want to have your childhood ruined in 4:28 seconds or less. The talking vegetables you Christian readers are probably so familiar with made a song that we now realize is obviously about getting the munchies. Our source really relates to problems the vegetables face in the song, but would like to thank GrubHub for making those problems fade away almost completely.

5. Lana Del Rey - "National Anthem" (Official Video)

Our source mostly liked this video because it her dream made visual. Not only is this a completely underrated song to listen to while baked, but watching A$AP and Lana live such a beautiful life that allows both him to pursue his rap career and her to throw amazing yacht bangers is breathtaking. The historical theme of the video can get a bit emotional and moving at times, but, never fear, it quickly shifts back to Lana grinding on A$AP in front of their kids. Goals.

6. The Moo Cow song

Our source believes the artist behind this song is the Billy Joel of our generation. The lyrics could bring up some subconscious feels you didn’t realize you had, or it might just leave you speechless. Either reaction is valid. What inspired someone to create this song is unclear, but we are nonetheless happy it is out in the world.

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