10 Things You Can Expect to See on Social Media at Syracuse University


IMG_5991 If there is one thing members of generation Y have in common, it is that every single last one of us loves social media. We are constantly tweeting, gramming, snapping, and Facebooking. In the wise words of one tongue-wagging millennial, “We can’t stop and we won't stop.”

Unfortunately, maybe because we spend so much time staring at teeny iPhone screens contemplating our next caption, our generation (and more specifically the students of Syracuse) seems to lack some creativity when it comes to what we post. We are #basic as fuck. Here are the 10 things you can definitely expect to see on an SU student’s social media accounts.

1. Overfiltered pictures of the Hall of Languages. If you don't have at least one mercilessly overfiltered Hall of Languages picture on your Insta, do you even go to SU? While it is sweet that students have such an appreciation for the architecture on campus, HOL pictures are about as basic as it gets. If you really want to get those likes, why not try 'gramming the equally aesthetic Bird library? Pretty.

2. #tbt to summer pictures. How else are we supposed to prove to our friends that we aren't always the color of a windburned earthworm? 'Cuse students love throwback Thursdays, as it allows them to engage in their favorite hobby: complaining about the weather, while simultaneously proving that they are actually attractive when not being pummeled by sleet and 20 mph winds on the daily.

3. Snapchats of dark basements. If there is one thing 'Cuse students love more than commenting on the weather it is #raging. And where is the fun in raging if none of your Snap contacts even know your doing it? Every SU student know that taking a snap video of a dark basement with pulsating lights and fuzzy music is the only way to let your friends know just how freakin' cool you are.

4. YikYaks about hooking up in Bird. Is it the beautiful art deco furniture or the well placed ambient lighting? It is hard to tell, but something about Bird Library seems to really turn the students on. And where is the logical place to take this sexual frustration? YikYak of course, the anonymous app where you can’t post any type of contact information and there is little to no hope of actually connecting with someone.

5. Pictures of shoes in the snow. 'Cuse students have really perfected the art of taking pictures of their feet in the snow... How iconic and inspiring. There’s no better way to let all of your friends in warm weather locations know that, yes, it is snowing, and yes you are walking around in it.

6. Snapchats with the temperature. You bet it’s cold out! What's a great way to warm up? Taking your hands out of the warmth of your pockets to take a pic of your face, and then leaving them exposed so you can flip through filters until you reach the temperature which will then confirm that yes, it is still fucking cold out. Send to My Story.

7. Snapchats of weird stuff in the dorms. Someone rub shit all over the walls? Kick over a trashcan? You must share, and instantly. Thank God for Snapchat, it not only allows the weirdness to be broadcast far and wide but also for the snapper to add what is surely their own incredibly witty commentary.

8. Live tweeting from class lectures #Rotoloclass. This is may be one of the more socially awkward things 'Cuse kids do. But hey, there are participation grades at stake here, so what’s a self respecting Newhouse kid to do.

9. Timehops from abroad. Fuck yeah you were in Madrid last semester getting hammered with the same kids you get hammered with here. Better post about it just in case anyone missed the 200-photo album you kept up while you were there.

10. #OHMYGODILOVEMYBIG. There is no denying that Greek life is a thing on the Syracuse campus. Many try to ignore this, but once sorority girls start getting their bigs it is next to impossible. How much does that freshman girl you are somehow friends with on Facebook love her big? Five Facebook, 10 Instas, and at least 25 tweets, that's how much. No matter this girl probably has no idea who their “big” actually is, they just love them SO MUCH, and we all know that the only way to communicate a love that large is through social media.