Pay Attention to Noname

noname This past month has been one for the books, especially due to the releases of amazing music, including Noname Gypsy’s EP “Telefone.” Noname Gypsy, or Fatimah Warner, is a rapper from Chicago and is well known for being featured in Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap.

If you enjoy the beloved Chance or Donny Trumpet you will definitely recognize her signature sound. Noname has layered her vocals with distinct backgrounds to create a compilation of soul-rap. Before Noname, I had never really heard bluesy rap, and now that I’ve heard it (and loved it), I’m not sure I will ever go back to aggressive rap again.

Why I love this EP:

It’s 33 minutes of droning rap-talking and sincere whining. The light vocals are relaxing and easy on the ears, which makes this EP extremely unique compared to its aggressive rap counterparts. It’s absolutely perfect for dazed late nights or those lonely times accompanied by chapters upon chapters of reading.

Here are my three favorite tracks off of the EP:

  1. Shadow Man ft. Saba, Smino, & Phoelix

Why: The sounds in this song blend together so deftly and rhythmically creating an eclectic mix of voices and aggressions. What I love about this song is its almost gospel quality. Like Chance, the backgrounds never lack depth and could stand alone without any layered vocals.

When to listen: This song is perfect for those nights contemplating what the hell you’re doing with your life.

Favorite lyrics:

Moses wrote my name in gold and Kanye did the eulogy

Remember all the bashfulness, understand the truancy

here I stand in front of a college dropout

My music was a church when my spirit hopped out”

  1. Sunny Duet (w/ theMIND)

Why: I absolutely love the Glee-esque qualities of this song (you know, that cheesy-ass after-school special by Ryan Murphy).

When to listen: This is the perfect song for mindless listening and background noise when you bring that hot guy (or girl) back to your room and don’t want to be surrounded by awkward silence.

Favorite Lyrics:

I use to dream in parables

Partially love you naturally

Happily ever after

Cigarette over blunts now

  1. Forever (ft. Ravyn Lenae & Joseph Chilliams)

Why: The intro to this song reminds me of windchimes swinging in the sweet breeze of summer. I also love the message behind this song: fuck anyone who tells you who to be, what you are capable of, and what you aren’t.

When to listen: Honestly this song is hella relatable to any situation. But in my experience, this song is great when you are down and feel a little subpar and need a little uplifting. Connect your phone to a speaker and tell the haters to fuck off.

Favorite lyrics:

ooooh they ain’t tryna’ see me shine my shine

a bullet on my time, my time

Fuck it, I’ll live forever now


My last advice for listening to this album is to close your eyes and open your mind. Turn your phone on silent and just be alone with Noname and her bluesy art. Take a step into absolute mindlessness and enjoy. Great job Noname. Can’t wait for more.



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