The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Playlist

You’ve heard their name, but do you really know what they’re all about? Fleetwood Mac. One of the greatest bands of all time. They’ve been releasing hits ever since they formed in ‘67, and we’re here to give you the ultimate Fleetwood playlist. For every mood, every feeling, and every experience you have, we’re sure there is a Fleetwood Mac song to match each moment. So, if you’ve never heard them, then get ready for the best ride of your life. Originally made up of five (now four, but we hope Lindsey and Stevie can make up soon) of the coolest and most intimidating people you could meet, the band has changed the lives of everyone around the world. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but if everyone in the world heard their music, they would understand. Through all the ups and downs they’ve had, they still managed to produce over 15 albums AND go on a reunion tour that’s currently happening. So, this piece also serves as a reminder to get your tickets and get into the witchy fantasy.


Fleetwood Mac has left such a legacy that pop culture continuously alludes and pays respect to the band in many different ways, even in 2019. Most notably, Stevie Nicks was cast in American Horror Story: Coven, as one of white witches. Stevie’s witchy vibes have been constantly cited even before she played the part of the witch in Coven, but we’re not exactly sure what it is about her. Maybe it’s the bangs that have endured the test of time? Or perhaps the black shawls and dresses? Or maybe even the wedged heels? If you ask us, it’s her entire aura. We wouldn’t even be surprised if her magical powers were eventually exposed, allowing her to partner with others who emit the same kind of energy (we’re looking at you Florence Welch, Lorde, and Hozier). These artists all share the same kind of power; it would honestly just make sense for them to form their own coven at this point.

For background, in case you’re new to the band, Stevie is definitely the most popular member; however, that doesn’t mean that we should disregard the others. All five original members possess such a unique quality and embody it in every song the band has produced, helping to make Fleetwood Mac as successful as it was (and still is). Each member wrote at least one iconic hit and they all came together to record, arguably, one of the best discographies any artist has ever created. So, now that you’re all caught up, get ready for the ride to begin.


Happy Days

World Turning


Big Love

Don’t Stop

Second Hand News

I Don’t want to Know

Witchy Vibes (yes, this is a necessary category)


Seven Wonders


Black Magic Woman (cover)

These Strange Times


Gold Dust Woman

Sisters of the Moon

When You’re in Your Bag (these are for those bad nights)

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You






Silver Springs

When You Want Fight (big F U to that special someone)

Never Going Back Again

Go Your Own Way

The Chain

Little Lies

Monday Morning

When You’re Feeling the Love


You Make Loving Fun

Honey Hi

Hold Me

Think About Me

Say You Love Me

Over My Head

A perfect playlist for every possible situation. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.