Finsta Culture: A Chance to be Real

What is a finsta?

A “finsta” refers to a “fake” Instagram account but is surprisingly the most genuine sector of this

major multimedia platform. The account is witty: the username is often a pun or play on the

user’s real name, the profile photo is comical, and the biography is clever. While the finsta is a

hilariously personal retelling of one’s day-to-day life, the account is purposely kept on the

private setting and the profile information doesn’t’ reveal the user’s actual identity.

Why have a finsta and a “rinsta” (“real” Instagram account) ?

The two accounts are radically different! A rinsta is more of a fabricated, stylized and edited

version of one’s life. While rinstas are taken seriously, finstas are an way for users to

unapologetically post what they want. Choosing between the two would be like choosing

between night and day, cat and dog, or rain and sunshine.

Purpose of a rinsta?

Rinsta accounts often have much larger numbers of followers, with hundreds and sometimes

thousands of followers. Rinstas are often put on the public setting, so every user is able to see its

posts. A rinsta is used to show off the greatest and most flattering moments of one’s life, with the

purpose of virtually conveying how amazing and ideal their lifestyle is. Every post is saturated,

filtered, and has a well thought out caption.

Purpose of a finsta?

Finstas contain a huge variety of posts that the user wants only specific people to see. The

purpose of a finsta is for the user to document their obsessions, struggles, achievements, love-

stories, and highly embarrassing selfies. Basically, a finsta thrives off of self-deprecating,

ranting, personal humor and catharsis.

Why would someone make a finsta?

Since Instagram is often an over-exaggerated representation of reality, the constant exposure to

posts that brag about one’s life can be depressing and anxiety-inducing for other users. Self-

comparison to lifestyle ideals that are unattainable can make people feel as if their own lives

aren’t good enough, exciting enough, fabulous enough, or just enough in general. As a result,

people create finstas to escape the unrealistic portrayals of perfection across social media

platforms. Finsta acts as an outlet for users to escape the excessive falsities seen on the typical


Is finsta a more authentic version of an Instagram account?

Oh, most definitely! When was the last time you didn’t edit a picture you posted on your rinsta?

Or didn’t spend at least 30 minutes choosing the perfect picture to post? Or google a catchy or

trendy caption to post with a picture?

Now if rinstas were authentic, would you really be doing all these things?

Please elaborate.

Finstas don’t have any unspoken rules that restrict users.

Unspoken rules?

Social expectations that influence the user’s behavior, preventing authentic individuality.

So, what’s considered authentic?

Being “authentic” could mean talking about your recent obsession with a guy in your science

class that you’re suddenly in love with, showing off unflattering pictures of yourself with the

caption “I woke up like this,” or ranting about the always disturbing family politics.

Finstas not only allow users to express their true selves, but they also give users the opportunity

to receive honest opinions, support, and love from people they trust the most. Finsta fosters a

healthier environment than rinsta: users care more about other users’ health and well-being more

than they care about how other users are succumbing to vapid social norms.

Should you create a finsta?

If the user’s goal is to find a place to laugh at herself, make her friends laugh, let off steam, or

follow animal/fan/meme accounts without messing up her follower-following ratio without

judgement, then yes.