Why Gary Janetti’s Instagram is the Only One that Matters

courtesy of Bustle.com

courtesy of Bustle.com

You may not know who Gary Janetti is, but after seeing his Instagram, you’ll want to be his best friend. Janetti, who is a writer and producer for shows like Will & Grace and Family Guy, has been killing the Instagram game. His memes of Prince George, the adorable five-year-old son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, have brought him some much-deserved attention. Janetti portrays George as a sassy, gay, fashionable king-to-be with a love for taking hits at Meghan Markle any chance he can get. Here are some of George’s best moments:

Prince George also knows that his place in the royal fam is much higher than that of his celebrity aunt.

Nobody rocks shorts like Prince George does.

George has no time for Prince William’s genetics.

George is a straight up savage.

Princess Charlotte is nothing compared to the future king.

Yes, Queer Eye is on the royal Netflix list, just after The Crown.

Prince George, future king and the youngest member of Fashion Police.

Thank you, Gary Janetti. And, Prince George, keep being the adorable, shorts wearing, queen that you are.