A Quick Clap Back to the Senator Fraser Anning


Dear Senator Fraser Anning,

In your repulsive letter sent out on March 15, 2019, we counted, not one, not two, but roughly eight offensive comments berating Islamic culture.

People like you are constantly looking for any chance you can get to condemn Muslims and their culture. Evidently, you saw an opportunity with the recent shooting in New Zealand and ran with it. First of all, let us just say that your attempt to strike fear into your citizens was pathetic to say the least. In fact, the shooter wasn’t even Muslim, which further exposes your bigotry and disregard for truth. However even if they were, their actions still wouldn’t be representative of the entire religion. Most people know that, but apparently you don’t. The Islamic religion has 1.8 billion followers, yet you expect us to villainize every single person based on a single, unrelated incident. For the record, the main suspect of this heinous crime is a white man just like you.

In general, there is an abundance of terror and tragedy in our world. But rather than turning to blame and hyper-emotional reactions, it’s our responsibility to remember that there is no specific religion or race associated with shooters. Sometimes the perpetrator is white, black, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, you name it. However, it’s also important to note that 60 out of the last 107 mass shootings were committed by white shooters who look just like you.Using the same logic displayed in your letter, do you also believe these statistics prove the entire white population to be inherently more violent? Or is that reasoning only sound when it comes to Muslims?

In your letter, you should have expressed proper condolences to the victims of the shooting and reassured the general public that you would do everything in your power to prevent such tragedy from occurring again. Instead, you attacked the victims and their loved ones while they were grieving.

We truly mean it when we say that literally no one asked for your disrespect and biased opinions regarding Muslims and their religion. As someone who is expected to represent all people in New Zealand, you have ultimately failed the these good people and disgraced the entirety of New Zealand. If taken out of context, there is one thing you were right about in your letter.

Muslims were the victims that day. And you should have responded as such.



P.S. We’re glad that kid egged you. He did more to unite your country in those few seconds than you have ever done.