Hit/Bitch: Spring in Syracuse

graphic by Leia Bisgard

graphic by Leia Bisgard

It’s springtime! With spring comes the end of seasonal depression and the beginning of skipping class to bask in the sun that we haven’t seen in months. You know what else comes with spring? Jerk’s Hit and Bitch on everyone’s favorite season! Here’s a list of the things we love about spring and the things we don’t.


Hit (What We Love):

Bye SAD, hello Vitamin D!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the rose garden in Thornden is coming into its blooming season and suddenly, everything is okay again. Well maybe not, but it will be soon. Although the sun may only be out for a couple weeks from now until school ends––thx rainy season––we still learn to appreciate the few times the sun does come out to drop its rays on us. Not to mention the abrupt vibe of positivity that suddenly emanates from every passing stranger.

No More Layers

You remember when you had to wake up 15 minutes earlier to venture out into the pitch-black morning, through a blizzard to that 8 am? Remember how you would bundle up in your short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve, a pair over leggings under jeans, a Kohl’s knockoff Canada Goose winter coat, a beanie, gloves, and a pair of hefty snow boots? We do, but we don’t want to even think about that terrible time. Now, we finally get to let our bodies BREATHE in the fresh Syracuse air after months of being withheld from that fine inhale. Not to mention the cute outfits we can finally break out of the closet and onto our Insta feeds for all of the spring photoshoots we’ll be having.


Sunrise/Sunset Jogs

These may be controversial (because who actually likes jogging), but we can’t help but crave the endorphins and dopamine that take over after we complete a nice run. Tie up your laces, create a badass playlist, and take in the sights of the orange, pink, and purple skies that cover the skyline of Syracuse. Not only are you being active, clearing your mind, and taking some needed alone time for yourself and out of the crowded Ernie gym BUT you are also resuming your New Year’s Resolution that you quit by the second day of the year! Be proud of yourself. Seriously though, nothing bad can come out of some exercise, and there is almost a 100 percent guarantee you’ll feel great after you complete a nice jog.


Nice Weather = Easy Extra Credit

Picture yourself sitting in a big lecture hall with only a few students, no windows, and a professor that drones on. Sounds completely terrible, right? Sounds even worse when you know the sun is out and everyone you know is drinking loaded smoothies and tanning. It’s important to remember that summer is soon, and taking advantage of the extra credit your prof gives just for showing up is the way to go. After all, you’re here to get a degree right? Might as well have effortless extra credit cancel out those bad grades you got when there was a blizzard last week and you didn’t care about anything. This happens more than you would think, so make sure you’re still going to classes as the end of the semester approaches.

Puppies on the Promenade

This is just the cherry on top. They range from any size, color, and breed you could imagine. We don’t even know where they came from, but we’re happy they’re here. If you ever feel yourself having that pre-mental breakdown anxiety, venture outside and find yourself cured. Whether you admire from afar or kindly ask to interact with the little angels, the pups are definitely one of the best things about spring arriving.



Bitch (What We Hate) 

Scary Protestors

Get ready to turn up the loudest song in your saved library every time you come close to Marshall Street, unless of course you enjoy being shouted at through a megaphone. The religious extremists are back with freshly painted signs about how we are all sinners, prepped with fresh batteries to replace their mics and their everlasting passion for God. Don’t let them intimidate you when you inevitably cross paths; keeping your head down and earphones in is the move. They may look sweet, loving, and grandpa-like on the outside, but they are an entirely different breed once large crowds accumulate and their lecturing begins. We hate to hear it.


Men’s Fashion

It’s time we sat down and had a little talk about what is and what is NOT acceptable. With warm weather comes new style. Unless they have the most pristine and pedicured nails, we do not want to see men wearing sandals! Nearly every other fit is awesome, and we love to see people expressing themselves whichever way they want, just not with those scary sandals that reveal the even scarier feet. Moving on, we expect to see every frat bro break out their muscle tees, Vineyard Vines hat, and square Ray-Bans! We’re not sure if they’ll ever realize that nobody can tell them apart from each other, but that’s our little secret for now.



Physical Activity Says Hi

The controversial jog from earlier is back. While we love a brisk run, it also makes our list as the most dreaded Spring activity. There are no more excuses as to why you shouldn’t be outside enjoying the weather while breaking a sweat. Now we have to see those brave souls who run even more often than before, guilting us into feeling bad about not having worked out since the first week of September. It’s about time to get back into the swing of things, just in time for those summer photoshoots. Start now and you’ll be glowing by the time May rolls around.


The Quad

Personally, this is the most frightening on the list. I wouldn’t dare come close to the quad if you are not a fan of very big, rowdy, and intimidating crowds. This space becomes a haven for many once the sun peaks out and the temp spills over 55 degrees. It’s like all those who go out to Sigma Chi on Friday nights changed their meeting place to the quad. Dancing, music, and flying objects are promised if you attend. If this isn’t your scene, we suggest finding a comfier place to hang like Thornden or on the benches scattered across the promenade. Honestly, even the graveyard would be a better place to walk around, sit, and enjoy the sun. At least you would be resting in peace!