Heartbreak Playlist: Guys Edition


A stolen sweetheart; your bae has been captured by the guy she told you not to worry about. “He’s just a friend” she used to say, now you’re on the short end of the stick and the cliché lines she spills sinks you deeper into the abyss of unrequited love. Melancholy seeps into your heart as the days become nights and your feelings get overly excessive. With your mind stuck on her and your heart wrapped round her fingers, there’s something seductive lying below the unfulfilled relationship, the perverted pleasure that arises from despondence and self-wreckage.

Within this darkness lies a consolation of sweet tunes invented for your sadistic pleasure. Tailored to your sunken heart, the lyrics plague your mind like proverbs. In the arena of memories past complemented with sorrow, spark and all things dark, the universal ritual is only a step of plight on the stairs of life’s hardships. Let this playlist accompany you in the dungeon of darkness that is your bedroom. “Marvin’s Room” has been cut out for your own good. There’s just no need for that amount of sorrow.

Playlist side-effects include: painful memories, drunken texts, visiting places you used to go to, paranoia, throwing subs on twitter, discovering Tumblr, binging Netflix, nihilism, existentialism, and more.

Honourable mentions: “Free” by 6lack, “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar, “Sarah” and “Blow” by Tyler and “Heartless” by Kanye West.


AM album

In dark introspection, seeking closure in solace is best accompanied by Alex Turner’s soothing relief in this heartbreak epic. Matched with flattering sounds from his brilliant band, his one-liners will have you gripping your chest, attempting to protect your wailing heart as you wheeze into a world of cherished thoughts and “what-if’s.” Again, the relationship is gone for good so don’t shoot a desperate text listening to this one, she isn’t coming back around.


melophobia album

If you feel like you’re slowly losing your mind, Melophobia is my prescription. Cage the Elephant captures the intricate details of a troubled mind struggling to come to grips with the loss of a significant other. As schizophrenic as the album is, you’ll appreciate the passive delivery echoed in sentiment of Matt Shultz’s rage. It’s wild and hectic and everything you need right now

808's and Heartbreak

808's and heartbreaks

As a kid, you jammed this album like you were going through a divorce. With tracks riddled in misery, Kanye’s vocal detour marks 808’s coup over Hip-Hop. The vulnerability displayed in tracks like “Love Lockdown” evoke extreme empathy and the heavy use of deep drums console aching hearts all around the world.


moods album

You need this to get you back on track. Dedicated to aiding your recovery, this fire R&B mixtape by Cash Money artist, Jacquees, is evangelical on the path you’re on. Plug in your earbuds and vibe with the reminiscent backdrops his vocals provide.


reputation album

Every guy’s guilty pleasure amiright? No? You’re lying. Taylor Swift’s newest album screams the weird, dark vibe that comes with betrayal and heartbreak. Leading the singles, the smash-hit “Look What You Made Me Do” is today’s “Rolling in the Deep,” pulling all the right strings to mend a broken heart.