What $25 Will Get You at The Sex Shop


Budgeting is a great tool, a skill that we all should acquire as we enter our adult lives. Some may budget for grocery shopping, personal retail therapy, and other living expenses. Others, such as the staff here at Jerk, budget for good ole’ fashioned sex shops. So, we set out to get the most bang for our buck- literally- and paid a visit to a little place called, Adult World to see what exactly $25 could get us. Let’s take a gander at all the goodie inside our bag.  

#1 Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb - $12.99  

This was our most expensive item purchased. This strawberry champagne scented bath bomb is guaranteed to have a secret vibrating toy within it as it dissolves. The back of the bath bomb states that it is, “perfect for a couple’s exploration or for her private pleasure.” Let’s be real, we all have an inner basic bitch, and what basic bitch doesn’t love a good bath bomb? Someone is reaping major cash off of marketing this idea —bath bombs and vibrators? GENIUS. Needless to say, we know what we will be doing after finals week. A little date in our bathtub with the company of wine, this bath bomb, and the little surprise is inside.   

#2 Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm- $7.99  

This nipple balm is made for cooling, stimulating excitement. The flavor we purchased is “melon madness.” The contents within the jar is similar to chapstick, with a waxy consistency and fruity scent. On the back of the label is says that you can apply it to the nipples or lips for “naughty arousal.” This  is a product geared towards couples, but you could use it on your own as well. Just depends on how freaky you’re trying to get. This balm smells awesome, and tastes fruity and cool.   

#3 Dick Lollipop- $3.99  

Last, but certainly not least, we were left with about $4 to play with. Maybe we didn’t budget so well. Needless to say, there isn’t much that you can purchase at a sex shop for that much. So, we bought a dick lolly. Practice your sucking skills with this baby or treat yo self to it after some self love. I mean, realistically it’s a chode, but it looks like it taste yum.   


After budgeting only $25 at the sex shop, we realized we couldn’t get shit with that amount. So I guess a more realistic budget would be $50. Many of the vibrators and dildos were $25 alone. But, we still got some pretty interesting stuff, and had an opportunity to explore what we want for our next sex shop haul.