5 Celebrities You're Not Following On Snapchat (And Should Be)

Design by Brittany Isdith In case you've been living under a rock for half a decade, Snapchat is a video/photo messaging application that was released in 2011. Since then, it had been updated several times with new features including personal ‘my stories’, filters, speed enhancements, and text messaging. Recently, many celebrities have taken to Snapchat to develop a more personal relationship with their fans. They basically use the app to showcase just how awesome their personal lives really are through ten second video clips. This also gives us a chance to see what people like Kim K. look like without Photoshop. Celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid notoriously run the Snapchat game. If you're sick of their overplayed (yet perfect) selfies, here are some more low-key celebs that you're not following and need to right now.

Ashley Benson (Snapchat: Benzo33)

Ever since benzoI became a Pretty Little Liars fan (I swear I only watched it when it was actually good), I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful and talented Ashley Benson. From showcasing her fire outfits to dancing in front of mirrors to rapping on camera, her Snapchat stories are always entertaining. Benson is just a cool person in general. Following her gives insight into her life and makes me feel like I’m actually friends with this girl (I wish). She also literally wears a different pair of sunglasses in each Snapchat. And I want every single one.



Victoria Justice (Snapchat: VictoriaJustice)


Anyone else remember Victoria Justice as the aspiring actress from Zoey 101 (before Jamie Lynn ruined our childhood by getting knocked up)? All I remember about her character is that I wanted to literally be her. 11 years later… the obsession is still going strong. Her Snapchat shows off her perfect smile, perfect clothes, and perfect life. Okay that sounds annoying. But really, these photos and videos actually show Justice’s fans that she’s just a normal person who does normal things. Except pooping. Hasn't recorded that experience for us yet.




Calvin Harris (Snapchat: CalvinHarris)

harrisCalvin Harris is a must when you’re adding celebrities on Snapchat. His Snapchat stories are the kind of stories you actually watch--not just click through at warp speed to clear your feed, you know what I’m saying? For music lovers, he often teases new tracks and beats via his stories (in addition to showing off his hot friends and the hilarious activities they do together). Fingers crossed for a Taylor Swift cameo appearance.





Ashley Tisdale (AshleymTisdale)

tisdaleI’ve always kind of disliked Ashley Tisdale because she was such a raging bitch in all three High School Musical movies, but that definitely didn’t stop me from adding her on Snapchat. Tisdale isn’t really featured in anything on the big screen these days, so it’s nice to see what the former Disney star is up to on the daily. Whether she's posting 37 pictures of her dog or a video of her making kissy faces while driving (note: unsafe), she still seems pretty much like a diva…but now I don’t hate it.

Pia Mia (PrincessPiaMiap)

piamiaOften seen with Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia is an American singer, songwriter and model. She’s collaborated with celebrities such as Chance the Rapper, Chris Brown and Tyga. Pia Mia’s Snapchat is filled with intense selfies showing of her fleeky eyebrows and killer bod. She looks absolutely flawless in every picture and video she shares. Pia Mia almost seems to perfect to be real, which is why it's fun seeing behind the scenes of her life. Goals, man.


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