5 Reasons Everyone Went Nuts About The Weeknd Rumor

the weekndA few weeks ago, the Daily Orange leaked that panty dropping R&B artist The Weeknd would be performing at Juice Jam this year. Naturally, the news spread through campus like wildfire, but when University Union announced the real lineup a few weeks later, most students were pretty freakin' bummed. Despite the fact that Big Sean is a headline artist right now and Oliver Heldens happens to be an unreal DJ, people were still disappointed that The Weeknd would be MIA. Why? Well, because it’s THE WEEKND… and for these five reasons.

1. The potential special guest appearance

The Weeknd’s newest album The Beauty Behind The Madness, which was released August 28th 2015, features so many amazing artists that the they collab-ed with. Imagine if The Weeknd brought Ed Sheeran on stage at JJ to perform the hit “Dark Times,” or Lana Del Rey to help perform, “Prisoner.” I would literally lose my shit. These two songs are some of my favorites on the album and The Weeknd’s voice matches perfectly with Lana’s and Ed’s. Check out the Tomsize remix of the song “Prisoner” on YouTube. It’s almost as good as the original… almost.

2. “The Hills”

Even more than JBiebs’ “What Do You Mean,” this song gets everyone going. First of all, it’s raunchy AF. Secondly, the lyrics (at least for most college kids stuck in a fuck-buddy relationships) are pretty relatable. When the chorus beat drops, everyone drops. If he performed this at JJ the whole crowd would be grinding. Which leads me to my next point.

3. The Weeknd's sexual prowess

Most college kids enjoy sex or at least enjoy talking about it. In other words, college kids are innately designed to love the Weeknd. Exhibit A: The entire song “Or Nah," with lyrics too graphic to talk about, is somehow still remembered and even recited by many students. Like, let's be real… there would've been no shortage of hookups happening on Skytop Field. The Weeknd may look like a maniac but he sure knows how to make the ladies swoon.

4. The throwbacks

Even though the hit songs, “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Earned It,” “Often,” and “The Hills” are all on Beauty Behind the Madness, we can’t forget about Trilogy, his original album from 2012. I think that if the Weeknd came to JJ he most definitely would perform a few songs from Trilogy, and who doesn’t love a good throwback? In my opinion, “Wicked Games” is the best song ever created by him. If you don’t know much or any of the Weeknd’s old stuff, check that song out along with, “High For This,” “The Morning,” and “XO/The Host.”

5. Motivational phrases

The Weeknd is my favorite artist to follow on twitter because he seems so genuine and always posts motivational tweets. Just this week he tweeted, “Keep the people who respect you close. XO.” He is constantly thanking fans and artists he collaborates with, and all those who support him as an artist. I can only assume he would share good feels when performing on the Juice Jam stage.

I don't know what started The Weeknd slash Juice Jam rumor, but I do hope that someday in my life, I'll see him live. The Weeknd for JJ2k16!!! (SPAM UU. )!!!!

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