5 Tips To Cure Post Spring Break Depression


OtfYWC_N8Lh4iFqwfsGTx_fbkpm5etbMzAMrPLap_aY We all know the post spring break feeling of intense sense of emptiness and despair. The epic vay cay you’ve been looking forward to since the very first day of school is officially over... and you're officially depressed.

Here are some tips to get over that slump.

  1. Go through your pictures at least once a day.

One effective way to get over your post-spring break sadness is to look through the hundreds of photos you took while you were away. Lets be honest, when you were hanging on the beach you snapped a photo every chance you got. Whether it’s a selfie of you and your friends, or even just a shot of a palm tree, you captured a lot of moments. If you go through these memories daily, it will almost feel like you’re back in paradise. This will help you remember the fun times you had while you were away and it will feel like you never left (okay not really, but it helps to pretend).

  1. Try to keep up your tan.

The biggest indicator of spring break's end is when your tan peels away and you can once again pass for Casper. This is the leading cause of post-spring break depression because not only are you not in Mexico, but you are also pasty AF. YOU CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. For as long as possible, try and keep your tan alive. Whether it’s moisturizing three times a day, making a strong effort to get out in the sun, or cheating with a spray tans, try your best to not lose your glow. Everyone knows people look better when they’re tan, and when you look better you feel better.

  1. Talk about your "memories."

When you get back, every single person who wasn’t on your trip is most likely going to hate you. When you tell the same stories repeatedly and constantly reminisce about all the epic moments you had on your trip. Writing in group chats, and talking about it with several people, is a good way to make you feel better. People will laugh thinking about all the dumb stuff that went on and it will be a great feeling. Everyone will ask questions such as, “how was your trip?” and your job is to respond with the most detailed answer EVER. By recreating these moments and projecting it to either people who were either there, or people who weren’t there, it will mentally create those scenes and the sadness will disappear.

  1. #TBT that shit.

A little throwback photo never hurts. Yes, you might have posted on Facebook or Instagram a few times while you were away, but when you get back it is vital to keep up your spring break presence on social media. This will remind your friends and yourself about how amazing and unforgettable your trip was. Pictures on the beach, out at night, eating dinner… keep posting. By seeing the pictures (and watching the likes flood in), it will help you cope with your loss. The images will spark memories and happiness, and you can say goodbye to spring break sadness.

  1. Hang out with people who were on the trip with you.

Hanging out with the crew of people who were on the trip with you is a great way to physically recreate the emotions you had when you were on spring break. When hanging with these people, it will feel kinda like you’re back at whatever tropical place you visited. This is sort of like an extended day of the trip, just without the location. It's a stretch, but it can't hurt.

Try not to be too heartbroken. Summer is just around the corner.

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