5 Ways to Get Fit While Getting Off


3znDIHnL4tass07G8nQYUexRXAsVoGjgnd5H5hJpDY0 College students, as a rule, need to learn the value of saving time. We have jam-packed schedules, and between schoolwork, part-time jobs, extracurriculars, and socializing, it can be tough to squeeze in time to be good to your bod. We sometimes forget the importance of maintaining our tight, twenty something figures. Going to the gym can turn into the biggest chore, especially for those of us with little to no drive to hop on a treadmill between the heavy work grind. But of course we have no problem finding time to squeeze in a few sex sessions every week.

What many of us don’t think about, is how we can turn those steamy sex sessions into a fun way to get our workout on. It’s clear that sex can get us hot and sweaty, but so much can be achieved for your body beyond that. We at Jerk want to help you understand exactly how you can get fit while you’re getting off. Here are a few sex moves you can use — and love — to help you get fit, while also having a wildly pleasurable night.

1. Missionary. Missionary may read as the ultimate lazy person’s go-to sex position, but there are ways to make your body work for this typically passive move. When in missionary, if you are in the traditionally female position, lift and squeeze your butt for an extra challenging, extra arousing take on the basic. Not only will you be increasing the give and take thrust that is so pleasurable during missionary, but you’ll also add the element of stimulating those glutes and hamstrings. If you're on top, use this position as an opportunity to work your arms. Place all of your weight on your arms and you’re sure to feel the burn, both in those biceps and your man-parts.

2. Doggy style. Doggy-style is arguably the best way for both partners to get a nice workout in mid-sex. The taker’s core is immediately engaged by the need to get stabilized on all fours. Balancing is an easy way to get those back and abdominal muscles working. While in the act, be sure to tuck your belly button up throughout, maintaining tight abs. You’ll feel the burn, but the penetrating action will feel so great that you won’t mind a bit. The next day, you will have no doubt that an honest workout was achieved. The giver could enhance his workout from behind by standing on his toes during the action. This way, he’ll be getting the depth of pleasure that comes with inserting from behind and rock-hard calves. An true win-win.

3. Cowgirl. Everyone loves a good girl-on-top ride. With this move, both partners could find a way to strengthen a few muscle groups. The girl on top could use this position as an opportunity to engage her thighs while getting the highly-sought-after G-spot stimulation she deserves. Get on your feet and engage your quadriceps and abs while riding your man. This position will double as a squat exercise — one of the most grueling and effective ways to work your legs. Try it, and you’ll agree. As the under-rider, the usually-passive partner, you could make this position into an exercise by getting your head and neck off of the bed (or whatever surface you happen to be on) and engaging your abs. Obviously the focus should remain on your partner and not on a set number of crunches, but simply lifting your head will keep your core muscles stimulated. You will be so happy focusing on how amazing the sex is that your workout will seem like a secondhand miracle.

4. Standing positions. As the man, fucking your partner against a wall is an obvious workout that you immediately understand as muscle-taxing. While standing, lift your girl by her thighs while bending your knees slightly to engage yours. You’ll get all the pleasure of her weight on your manhood, making you almost forget that you are working both your arms and your quads in this position. Also, depending on the speed of your thrusts, you could turn this into a good 15 to 30 minutes worth of cardio. Who needs the treadmill when you can maximize your sexy-time? As the lady, you can use this as an opportunity to get your core, leg, and arm muscles pumping, depending on how you decide to support your weight. Although you’ll be lifted by your man, you’ll need to exert some stamina on staying suspended during the action. Use your arms by bracing them on his shoulders to support your weight, or strengthen your legs by pressing your toes against the wall while engaging your thighs. In either case, your core is keeping you balanced and your man is keeping you stimulated and satisfied.

5. Bridging and arching. If you know anything about yoga, you understand what bridges can do for your core, arms, glutes, and thighs. Like many go-to yoga positions, this one can be seamlessly incorporated into your sex life. If you’re the girl, get on all fours facing upward and have your man enter you on his knees. Since you are using only your arms and legs to hold up your weight, you can consider this a full-body exercise. Notice that by engaging your abs and squeezing your butt cheeks, you’re feeling the heat all over. Do this move a few times a week and say hello to your new abs and a bikini-ready ass. A modification of this move, to make it slightly less athletic is the arch. Do the same thing, but instead of holding yourself up by your arms, you’ll be resting your head on the surface. This way, you can go for double the time, feel double the pleasure, and reduce any need for orgasm-slowing breaks. As the man, use either position to get your abs working. Squeeze in that core and put all your strength behind those thrusts. Your body, and definitely your lady, will thank you.

Art by Shawna Rabbas