7 Most Absurd Dance Moves in Drake's "Hotline Bling" Video


https://instagram.com/p/9LBi6wDQP2 Whether you’re the girl screaming the lyrics, jumping up and down on an elevated surface, tweeting jokes about what “hotline bling” means (something along the lines of “Netflix and chill”) or re-vining edited parodies of the music video... everyone loves Drake and everyone loves his new tunes.

When Drake released the “Hotline Bling” music video on Monday, October 19th, the Internet immediately blew up with gifs and Vines. The basic gist of the video is that Drake is dancing like “that one uncle at a barbecue” for the entire length of the song. I think that the video is hilarious and Drake's creation is a genius move in his career, because this video is all that people are talking about right now a.k.a. he's breaking the Internet. Drake does a great job of constantly staying on the radar. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must watch... and if for some reason you don’t want to watch the whole thing, we picked the top 7 parts to skip to.


1). 00:35 – 00:47

Right when the lyrics start and he breaks into his dancing. I love it because he’s not trying to dance well and he’s not trying to dance for anybody – he’s just dancing for himself. Even if it does looks like he’s trying to dance bachata.

2). 1:08 – 1:10

Drake’s Bollywood moves come out. What’s up on that ceiling, Drake? Anything interesting?

3). 1:34 – 1:46

If this inventive “telephone” move doesn’t become a signature at parties when “Hotline Bling” comes on, I’ll be highly disappointed. This move reminds me of a move from Beyonce’s “Single Ladies." Even Drake gets inspired by Queen Bey.

4). 2:27 – 2:40

Drake really breaks it down in this 13-second period. I’ll never understand what he’s doing with his hands here but what I love about his signature dance is that it’s a dance that everyone can do, so you don’t have to keep trying to hit the quan.

5). 3:07 – 3:10

Drake’s old Degrassi skills come out here. Look at the drama in his face as he lip-syncs. He’s reeeeeally feeling his song, and wants that hotline to bling. Jimmy, is that you?

6). 3:28 – 3:41

First dance moves looks like he’s swimming. Then, when he’s sitting on the stairs, it looks like a scene from high school musical (one of my favorite jokes that I’ve seen on Twitter). And then he starts the signature “telephone” dance move but makes it more hardcore by adding a sort of “head-bang.” This video just gets more and more amazing.

7). 4:03 –4:08

This is the move that you will find on Twitter the most. Whether they put a tennis racket in Drake’s hand, or make a Vine of him throwing pepperoni slices on pizza, all of the parody videos from this scene are hilarious. Retweet.

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