7 Things About Brangelina's Relationship That You Should Look For in a Partner


www.instagram.com/p/-O7ox6mdf9 As the years go by, we have more and more reasons to obsess over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt. Ever since rumors sparked of their on-set chemistry while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the couple had the general public following their every move (and every kid they’ve added to their massive family).

Besides the fact that they are two of the most gorgeous people in Hollywood, Brad and Angelina always let their inner beauty shine by showing interest in worldwide issues. Brangelina is the couple we should all model our relationships after. Even though most of us won’t find true love on a movie set or end up living the Hollywood lifestyle, the “it” couple has several traits the average person can look for in a significant other.

1. You share common interests.

Brad and Angie have both acted since they were very young (and as we know, they met on the film set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Having someone who shares your interests will provide the necessary platform to form a stronger bond and a deeper connection.

2. They celebrate your work.

When Angelina was sick with chicken pox for the premiere of her movie, Unbroken, Brad and some of their children went to the premiere in her place. No mater what the circumstances are, you should celebrate your partner’s accomplishments on a daily basis. Not all couples celebrate a big movie release, but we can all show enthusiasm for our partner's success.

3. They support you no matter what.

Brad was there for Angelina when she had surgery that remove her ovaries and a double mastectomy. He supported his wife and his family. Long-term, dependable partners like Brad will support their partner's decisions and put their needs before their own.

4. They accept your strengths and your weaknesses.

Some guys still want a woman who can go in the kitchen and make a five-course meal, but a man like Brad knows and accepts the fact that some women, like Angelina, need to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. Accept that your partner can't (and won't) do it all. If they can’t cook, who cares. They're amazing at something else.

5. They're not completely concerned about looks.

Brad and Angelina are obviously two very good-looking people that happened to find each other. As much as we love a good beard, flashback to when Brad rocked a goatee in the fall of 2009. We can’t say it was his best look, but for Angelina he was just the same old Brad.

“I like that he’s an artist and tries different things. I like him always,” she once stated.

You know its real when you’re willing to kiss someone with all that hair scratching your face.

6. Your priorities are in check.

A lot of relationships take a turn for the worst when both people involved realize they aren’t on the same page. Brangelina survives the test of time because they both waited to get married and wanted a large family. Finding a partner with your same beliefs and aspirations can save you from making difficult compromises.

7. They know how to keep things private.

Brad never talks about Angelina's personal life nor does Angelina about Brad's. Knowing how and when to respect your partner's privacy (and keep things quiet) is key to an honest relationship. If you can't trust your significant other, you have a big problem on your hands.

We can’t all be Brangelina in real life, but we can find someone who supports, loves, and cares for us, like the way they care for each other. Keep an eye out ladies. It may be slim pickings on campus, but there are a few Brad's around (at least, we hope).

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