8 Reasons Why You Need to Watch This Season of American Horror Story


10635908_1481070305480004_5067996696398087916_n American Horror Story fans, get ready. On October 8, FX premieres season four of its hit horror anthology series, with a creepy storyline that deserves its title, Freak Show.

Whether you’re a diehard (no pun intended) fan, or just getting into the show for the first time, here are some reasons why you better be setting your DVR for this show:

1. Freak Show will be one of the darkest seasons of AHS. If you’ve been craving the show's scary and creepy roots, prepare to look no further than this season. FX CEO John Landgraf told the Huffington Post, “Some years it’s going to be big and brash and bright and campy the way Coven is. Other years it’s going to be dark and brooding, like Asylum was. I guess I would put Freak Show halfway between the two.” Sounds good to us.

2. Based on the official trailer, this season looks creepy as fuck — clown killer, bearded lady, freaky contortionist, demon head, and a two-headed woman?! This carnival is going to be the freakiest freak show in town — dare you to say that five times fast.

3. Expect to see the return of all our favorite AHS actors and actresses. The iconic Jessica Lange will be back to reprise her role in the series for one last time. Not to mention we’ll see plenty more of Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, and Evan Peters.

4. EMMA ROBERTS IS BACK! EMMA ROBERTS IS BACK! After her incredibly hilarious performance in Coven, Roberts is back for season four. According to creator Ryan Murphy, she will play a crystal ball-bearing fortuneteller with a crystal ball named Maggie, who is a complete con artist. On top of that, there she will have an on-screen romance with her real-life bae, Evan Peters. Can’t. Freakin’. Wait.

5. There will be a two-part Halloween special. Like in seasons prior, FX will have a two-part AHS special around Halloween. Grab your candy, and grab your friends, and get ready.

6. Once characters die this season, there’s no coming back. Creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly, “This season, once you die, you’re dead. There’s no supernatural thing to bring you back like last year. It’s just completely new. It feels completely new. I’m shooting it in a different style.”

7. There will be season five clues planted in episodes. Ryan Murphy also told EW he already has some ideas in his head for season five storylines and will be spreading some clues for viewers to tirelessly search for in Freak Show.

8. The new promotional posters are glamorously twisted. And will leave you counting down the days until the show’s premiere.

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