9 People You Will Find in Your Classes at Syracuse University


RYfYkZTgRbXF3h_4e_PTxVI53p_jp4XB_9utx8_YlY8 From massive math lectures to small major-specific classes, these people are always bound to be on the attendance list — they can either make you feel like a star student, or cause you to spend your nights wondering how the fuck you are ever going to get a job while they exist.

1. The one who always has something to say. Participating in class is great, but some people do it way too much. This student can’t go one day of class without raising their hand to throw in their two cents about whatever the topic may be. Sometimes they contribute really insightful comments to the class discussion, and other times, they just blurt out pure nonsense for the sake of hearing their own voice.

2. The space cadet. This person might be under the influence during class time, but even if they're not, they always seems to have their head in the clouds or somewhere else very far away from the classroom. It’s always funny seeing this person’s reaction when they get called on by the professor to answer a question.

3. The foodie. A snack in class is definitely essential sometimes. I mean something has to keep you awake, right? This student, however, finds it absolutely necessary to have an entire meal. We get it if you have class all day, with no breaks for lunch, but do you really have to torture the rest of us by bringing that Chipotle burrito to class?

4. The no-show. You’ll only see this person when there are tests to take or papers to hand in. They might show up on other random occasions just to show their face, but don’t expect them to contribute much else to the class. These people are great, because despite the fact your still wearing the groutfit you slept in, at least you showed up.

5. BuzzFeed quiz-taker. We all love to surf the web, some of us more than others. No matter what class you’re in, this student always manages to be on their computer surfing the web (even in classes that don’t allow laptops for note taking). You can usually find them taking quizzes on BuzzFeed or sharing some link on a friend’s Facebook wall.

6. The smartphone addict. As college students we should all have enough self-control to not look at our phones for an entire class period. Some people are just too popular though and need to constantly check the wave of text messages, Snapchats, and Instagrams notifications flooding their phone.

7. The genius. Every class has one student who seems way too smart for Syracuse. It’s easy to get down on yourself when you realize that you’ll never be as smart as that student, bBut don’t worry too much — you might be able to learn more from this student than the professor.

8. The teacher’s pet. I honestly thought this would stop when I left high school, but unfortunately, teacher’s pets are still very real on the SU campus. Anyone who tries to get brownie points with the professor needs to do a whole lot less.

9. The sleeper. College is very tiring — between schoolwork, extra curricular activities and trying to maintain a social life, it’s almost impossible to find a time to get some decent sleep. Some people just use their classes as naptime. It’s not like they’re there to do anything else, anyway. Sweet dreams, sleeper!

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi