A Band of Gentlemen

By Angela Hu

The Avett Brothers take the stage for a sold out show

The Avett Brothers, the band comprised of Scott and Seth Avett, are the antithesis of Kings of Leon or The Jonas Brothers—low-key with a loyal fan base and highly underrated.

None of them are dating supermodels (I’m looking at you Caleb Followill), or self-declared virgins (hello Nick Jonas). The only aspect that relates The Avett Brothers to Kings of Leon or The Jonas Bros is well, they’re related to each other ¬– but making way better music.

I first came across the two brothers with their song “Shame,” off their 2007 album “Emotionalism.” This is the song every guy who’s pissed off their girlfriends wished they had written. Remorseful yet tender, Scott sings the first line, “Okay, so I was wrong about, my reasons for us falling out, of love, I want to fall back in,” while plucking on the banjo in the background.

It’s a guy admitting he was wrong in the very first line of an apology or more importantly, confessing he wants to “fall back in love”—ok, I’ll consider forgiveness.

The fact they’re from North Carolina already has me sweating gems. There’s something about boys from the South making tunes that makes me feel all tingly inside. Perhaps it’s the idea about “southern gentlemen” that really pushes me to swoon over The Avett Brothers even more.

Every time I start listening, I imagine Scott sippin’ on some sweet tea while strummin’ on his banjo and Seth presenting me a biscuit with honey ladled all over his body. Yum.

Musically, The Avett Brothers are so different from anything I’ve heard so far, there’s no one on the market I can compare them to. It’s a slice of bluegrass, a scoop of folk, and a dash of country, peppered with indie that whips up this wonderful and delicious-sounding euphonious entity Scott and Seth Avett have created themselves to be.

If you want a piece of the action before it’s too late, you better act fast. Their Friday show tonight in Ithaca, NY is already sold out (my editor got tickets, bitch!) But don’t worry, they’ll be playing at all the major music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo – it’ll just cost you over $300 a pop to see these two southern brothers perform.