A Lily's 'Thunder Ate the Iron Tree'

By Walker Kampf-Lassin

TOP TRACK: "Dance Rites"

BOTTOM TRACK: "Musik Von Metaphysik"

3 Nancies

What started in 2006 as a completely electronic solo side-project from post-rock band yndi halda, A Lily has evolved into something far different. Frontman James Vella enlists band members in his latest effort, "Thunder Ate The IronTree," to cultivate a more organic sound. While maintaining the moody ambience from which the project was born, Vella employs banjos, harps, and strings. Most startlingly, he introduces vocals to his formerly voiceless project. But the sound Vella taps into is one already well versed by contemporaries like Do Make Say Think and Mogwai. A Lily keeps a fresh sound by divulging into more pastoral elements, but it comes at the expense of a distinctive and intimate identity.