A Recap of Fashion's Conscience's 11th Annual Fashion Show


LWyWPYPAW69SGmkM8ydAAUwr4IEdovqKHoqd9sgF-jE,bR28DcgFMh1crc4C1M2YI1j0pw9PHGC2HQqmtl3v8rs On Saturday March 28, the 11th annual Fashion’s Conscience runway show shut down Goldstein Auditorium. The theme was “Ministry of Monochrome” following the one-color trend that we've seen everywhere from Kendall Jenner to Tumblr. Everyone from the models and designers to the audience members themselves looked on point.

The panelists Shaun Ross, Law Roach, Gianni Lee, and Corianna "Coco" and Brianna "Breezy" came with the attitudes and outfits necessary for a fashion show, so you knew it was going to be #fab. Hosts Lawrence Jackson (an alum ‘13) and Syd from Revolt TV brought energy and comedy to the night. And for the finale, rapper Ty Dolla $ign performed (shoutout to the girls who got on stage to dance).


The organization has been preparing since October, and I could feel the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation from the moment you stepped inside. At about 8 p.m. the lights dimmed and it was finally show time.

The show opened with a video shot in black and white of the models standing still in rows, similar to Kanye West's show at NYFW. It also featured close ups of the models, such as one dancing, another in a stairwell, and one screaming in a corner. At the end of the video, hosts Lawrence and Syd came out to introduce the first designer, Lindsay Morse. There were a total of 14 designers with five professionals and nine students.

Morse had the honor of opening the show with her first collection that launched just two months ago. She says it was inspired by “the California boho vibe,” and as a Californian I can definitely attest to that. The collection was filled with bright colors, loose silhouettes, and had a resort feel, perfect for the quickly approaching Coachella music festival and the summer.




Next up was Equota, whose collection had a dark, edgy feel with street influence. The third designer, Natalie Wright, presented her “Made in June” collection, which featured loose fitting, yet tailored pieces. The collection also emphasized neutrals, tying in nicely with the spring and summer season. The fourth designer, VV Patchouli presented a collection with a professional yet casual feel, emphasizing dark colors while accessorizing with leather goods and bags.


When the hosts announced the student designer portion of the show, the energy went to a whole new level — it’s true that there’s no better fan base than your friends and family. From the first designer all the way to the last, the raucous crowd cheered, clapped, and yelled “yaaasssss!” The nine student designers, Brittany Bellos, Jasmin Bogues, Chanell Chebuske, Laura Fidati, Ayida Solé, Julie Sabo, Alánne Stroy, Ben Zayas, and Kiera Henderson all displayed immense talent and unique looks in their collections, and each had various looks, ranging from professional, to minimal to streetwear.

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It was only fitting that for the grand finale, panelists Coco and Breezy, Gianni Lee, and Shaun Ross closed out the show with their collection. It was a mix of sporty, streetwear, and military edge. It also featured the Dalton sister's newly launched sunglasses collection. At the end of their presentation Shaun and Coco and Breezy came out and vogued for the crowd.

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About an hour and a half after the runway finale, Ty Dolla $ign’s DJ announced he would be taking the stage, and students rushed to the runway to get a front row experience. He performed hits like “Paranoid,” “Toot it and Boot It,” and his new song with Charli XCX and Tinashe, “Drop that Kitty.”


Warning: the new song is a certified banger and dangerously catchy. At one point Ty jumped down into the crowd and lit up blunt and passed it around. Talk about a night to remember.

Photos by Adham Elsharkawi