A Wedgie You’ll Want to Have: Why You Have to Check Out Levi’s New Mom Jeans

Taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/BBtKslXyMpI/ Mom-jean lovers rejoice... Levi’s new “Wedgie Jean” will fulfill all of your high-waisted hopes and more.

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about this trend. My thighs involuntarily clenched in fear at the thought of denim wedged… well, up there. Nothing about a wedgie sounds attractive—just ask any victim of classic 80’s movies bullying, painfully toddling around their high school hallway with their Haines up their ass and their dignity on the floor.

Levi’s, however, has taken an entirely new spin on the wedgie that will have your booty living in style instead of fear.

These mom-tastic jeans show all your best ass-sets (Ha! See what I did there?), snugly fitting to your hips and waist while accentuating your derriere. The low-stretch fabric also keeps your cheeks apart and boosts your behind—hence the wedgie— to give you endless material for *peach emoji* Instagrams. Don’t believe me? Take a gander at Kylie Jenner’s account. She’s a major wedgie jean proprietor, and the cropped sweater she pairs with her Levi’s bring her incredible body to the next level. Seriously, King Kylie. Teach us your ways.

Besides doing wonders for your backside, these jeans will add a perfect vintage aesthetic to your wardrobe. Too afraid to thrift in your mom’s closet amidst the shoulder pads and luridly bright sequins? Unable to procure a time machine to head back to 1985? Then these blue-washed beauties are for you. Pair them with a flannel, a cropped sweater, a casual t-shirt; they’ll go with anything and their distressed wash will instantly add a gritty vibe to your bodacious look. If you’re really gunning for that 80s vibe, grab a leather jacket and a puffy scrunchie. You’ll make Madonna proud.

And the best part of this wedgie line? They come in shorts too! As the temperature finally starts to climb up to the high 50s and low 60s, you can try this trend out in the warmer weather too. Why stop at just jeans when you can have a wedgie all year 'round? With gorgeous colors ranging from “Vintage Chalk” to dark “Coyote Desert,” they’ll fit right into your closet and take you all the way through summer. Speaking as someone who usually struggles to find booty-flattering shorts (disclaimer: this may be due to my general lack of a backside in the first place), you truly can’t pass these bad boys up.

So next time you head to the mall, take a trip to the 80's and give yourself a wedgie. Rock out with your moms out, own those hip-huggers, and stay bootylicious my friends.