Achieving Makeup Life Hacks On A Budget


Design by Jena Salvatore The female species spends a disgusting amount of time and an even more disgusting amount of money trying to achieve the perfect hair and the perfect makeup. However, if you step back for a second and check your bank account you’ll find that sometimes, it’s just not worth that $50 contour palette. Luckily, it is possible to get quality results with drugstore makeup.

Liza Fendell, a junior studying CRS who is also known as @lizaslooks, has been using her free time to create makeup tutorials on Instagram and YouTube by doing just that. On the Instagram account you can find tutorials covering how to do a cute Coachella look all the way to a Kylie Jenner-style night out. After talking to the budding makeup connoisseur, we learned some tips on looking put-together for less. The junior had a lot to share, including certain brands that are within price range but still do the trick.


To start off with the face, foundation is everything. L’Oréal and Maybelline make great foundations. The Fit Me line of foundations has every color for every skin tone. If you’re just beginning to like makeup, a great tip is to use tape to help shape the wing of your eyeliner. No one wants to go out with an uneven top eyeliner and wing… It’s just awkward. Fendell also recommended the most amazing eye shadow palette made by a company named Morphe. Now that we have to actually prioritize food over buying the newest shade of $32 Mac eye shadow, the Morphe palettes are perfect. The palettes include all different shades for any kind of party. Fendell also knows that brushes are key to the perfect shading and blending, and luckily she recommended using Amazon. There you’ll find cheaper, good quality brushes that you will be able to use for years to come.

Smokey Eye on a Budget

Sophomores Erin Joyce and Stephanie Seiga have also navigated their way around looking good for less while here at Syracuse. The two learned their makeup tricks from YouTube tutorials and have since perfected the smokey-eyed, girl’s night out look using drugstore makeup. The best friends offered up more alternative remedies using what you have lying around the house instead of what you could get at a CVS.

Grease Hack

Using baby powder for your hair is the perfect hack when you’re in a rush to get ready and don’t have time to shower. It decreases grease and adds a little shine to your roots. And it’s less hassle than dry shampoo. Another easy hack is to use self-tanner for contour to make sure you don’t look like a ghost on a daily basis, especially while surviving the brutal Syracuse winters. It’ll last longer, you’ll get a little hint of color in your face and might even pull of a normal skin tone.

Whatever your trick may be, it’s important to remember that it is possible to look good without blowing all your savings on one eye shadow palette. You may not need makeup because we are all beautiful and fierce without a dope smokey-eye and some sick lashes, but it can’t hurt every now and then to cover up those bags under your eyes and put on a little CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara to start a new day.