All About Butt Plugs


Design by Jena Salvatore Who doesn’t like including at least a little bit of butt play into the mix when you’re getting dirty in the sheets? Butts are great! Nothing’s cheekier (pun intended) than a squishy ol’ buttocks. As great as butt stuff can be, you may be hesitant about including toys into the mix, like butt plugs for example. While butt plugs may seem intimidating, they are no worse than anything else you’d be willing to stick up your butt!

What is it?

A butt plug is pretty similar to a dildo except it’s specifically designed for the anus. Inserting a dildo or other sex toy leaves the possibility of it getting lost up there (not something you want to go to the doctor for). However the butt plug is designed with a wider base to keep it from being inserted too far.

How do I use it?

Lube, lube, and more lube. As is the solution for most things, heavy lubrication is key. Butt plugs come in many different sizes and shapes so pick the one that suits you and stick it in (or have someone else do it for you). It’s meant to increase overall sexual pleasure although some butt plugs are used to appease fetishes and have tails attached.

What does it, like, do?

It’s pretty much just meant to be there in yo’ butt while you’re performing other sexual (or not) activities. You could even go to your next final with one in! It’s meant to provide the feeling of “being full” and for some it is sexy and a turn on just having one in. It also stretches that area out to make for a more pleasurable anal experience later on.

Where can I can get one?

You can find a butt plug at pretty much any sex toy shop or online. Put that Amazon Prime account to use. Who says it has to be used for just your textbooks!