All The Reasons Why Kris Jenner is Actually the “Mean Girls” Mom

With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing last Tuesday, the internet was buzzing over the camera shot of Kris excitedly filming Kendall walking the runway, which reminded young people everywhere of a particular famous scene from the classic of all classic high school movies.

That’s right—the Jingle Bells dance scene in “Mean Girls” when Amy Poehler AKA Mrs. George was filming and dancing up the aisles. The reference was uncanny and got us thinking about other times that Kris Jenner embodied the hilarious character. Not surprisingly, it wasn't hard to dig up multiple parallels, and it is our duty to bring them to your attention.

Get ready for your mind to be blown with all the reasons why Kris Jenner and Mrs. George are actually the same person:

  1. They LOVE to have a drink or two (or five) at the end of a long day. happy hour 200-4 Thankfully, Kris never offers her underage kids alcohol, or at least is smart enough not to do so while filming, but these moms both love the booze. Any “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fan knows that Kris needs her wine. She has even accepted a tall glass full on many occasions as peace offerings when she’s fighting with her kids or one of their many boyfriends. Mrs. George is more into cocktails, but regardless of alcohol preference, we’re counting this love for all beverages that come in a stemmed glass a strong similarity.
  2. Their kids tend to be pretty rude to them. being mean to mom200-6 (1)Kris is no stranger to criticism from her kids, whether it’s Khloe pretending to fire her every other episode or the whole clan finding humor in making fun of her for her crazy antics. Mrs. George definitely feels Kris’s pain, though. Regina acts like she wants her around like she wants a broken arm. Regardless, both of these moms don’t give up, and you have to admire that
  3. They have husbands that don't understand their cool mom status. When Caitlyn Jenner was still Bruce and she was married to Kris, she frequently called Kris out on her trying-to-fit-in-with-her-daughters goal in life. Whether it be her attempts at a young wardrobe or her partying ways, most of the time she wasn't buying it, and she let her know it. In later seasons, they barely spoke, Bruce stayed in the garage all day, and Kris went a whole two days without realizing she wasn't home. I think it’s obvious that Bruce is much happier as Caitlyn and Kris is much happier with a younger man who appreciates her youthful taste. The Georges were a comedic and more exaggerated version of this marriage dynamic. I don't think Mr. George spoke the whole movie. Regina revealed they slept in separate bedrooms, and the few times he was in a scene, he sat there like a brain dead zombie who hated his life. These women both know what it feels like to deal with judge-y husbands.
  4. They’re always making sure that their kids are okay. Kris has done everything from bailing Khloe out of jail to preventing Kourtney’s naked pictures from leaking to the public, all the while handling their business deals and managing their careers. Her daughters genuinely wouldn't be where they are today without her business and crisis management skills. Mrs. George is always checking up on her daughter too. Making sure she has safe sex and barging into her room whenever she pleases, Regina doesn’t have much privacy.
  5. They are both “cool moms.” Kris literally goes clubbing with her daughters after having 6 kids and passing the age of menopause. Does it get any cooler than that? She also is always up for trying new things on their lavish vacations—from jet skiing to zip lining, Kris never says no. Mrs. George considers herself cool in ways she probably shouldn't. She let’s her pre-teen daughter watch sexual music videos and upholds a “no rules in this house” policy. Although unethical, it definitely made for an entertaining movie.
  6. They are their daughters’ biggest fans. Of course these ladies want to film their daughters’ big performances, they’re their pride and joys! For Kris, she is proud of not only her daughters, but probably herself too for being instrumental in getting them there. I think Mrs. George might actually just want to be Regina, but I guess that’s okay too. Either way, they are going to be front row at all of their kids’ major life events, and who doesn't appreciate those things being filmed anyway? If I walked the Victorias Secret Fashion Show, I wouldn’t care if my mom brought a whole camera crew as long as I could have the memory captured forever.

As annoyed as the Kardashian/Jenners and Regina may get with their moms, there’s no denying that their moms love them very much and only want the best for them at the end of the day.

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