AMPLIFIED: Beauty School

By Jillian D'Onfro

SOUNDS LIKE: The dirty-basement version of Can.

WHAT THEY JERK TO: The Growlers, Each Other, Mixtapes, múm, and U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” on full blast.

BEST SONG: “He’s Got the World.” Despite lyrics from the perspective of an agoraphobic woman seeing all her worst fears come true, it's pulse-y, danceable, and energized. The music develops and progresses along with the lyrics, as the song comes together like a good story.

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN UP: Whether you want to move around like crazy, contemplate in the corner, or justget drunk, Beauty School can appease. A refreshing break from the typical jam band sesh or acoustic solo show, a Beauty School concert is raucous like a rock ‘n’ roll show should be—too weird for the normal people, but too normal for the weird ones.

UNLIKELY SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: Andrew confesses he can always find inspiration in songs he hates (okay, maybe not “Photograph” by Nickleback). Wes’ badass pair of Ralph Lauren Polo shoes, which he always wears without socks while playing drums, make his sticks fly. Blake is inspired by the desire to one day quit his real job.

WHERE YOU CAN HEAR THEM: Spark Art Space, The Lost Horizon, basement shows, Canada (hopefully).

THE BAND PROMISES THAT: Wes will drink two Monster Energy drinks before the show, screw up at least twice, and break something over the course of the set. Every member will also take off their clothes (Well, at least their shirts.

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