Are Cat Fights High Fashion?


We know everyone felt the weight of Cardi B’s shoe as it flew past their screen on twitter on Friday night. We were all SHOOK watching the aftermath of the alleged brawl between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at New York Fashion Week.

With everyone asking each other whether they are Team Cardi or Team Nicki we started wondering: where the hell did this beef come from?

Get your popcorn ready, it’s time to spill all the tea!

Migos Introduce the Two:

The whole ordeal began during the Migos video “Motorsport”—the hot summer song that Nicki and Cardi both collabed on. It was said that Nicki was unaware that Cardi would be in the song and changed her verse because of it. THEN she scheduled to film the video on a different day than Cardi.

Enter  the Rumor Mill:

Several media outlets  happily stirred up some juicy rumors that that Nicki was jealous of Cardi’s quick rise to fame (they were referencing Cardi’s new title as  second female rapper to hit #1 on the Billboard charts without a feature, a record that only Lauryn Hill once achieved.)

….And Twitter:

Nicki Minaj congratulates Cardi B on this achievement, tweeting:

Notice Cardi’s appreciation?

Cardi Spills the Tea:

In an interview with Capital XTRA , Cardi B spills the tea that Nicki DID in fact change her verse. She did not share why she changed it though. This left room for the fans (especially the barbz) to believe that Cardi did think Nicki was being shady.

Beats Interview:

Shit got really serious in a Beats interview with Nicki Minaj in March of 2017, where she emotionally discussed how Cardi and Quavo of the Migos painted her as the villain when REALLY it was Cardi B who asked Nicki to change her verse. Hmm…

Nicki said her original verse of Motorsport did in fact include Cardi’s name in it, painting her as the quarterback and Nicki as “lombardi.” She went on to say that Cardi is the one who requested Nicki to change her verse and not include her in it. 

…And Twitter….Again:

Shady Song Lyrics:

Things took a turn for the worst when Nicki Minaj released her album Queen in August of 2018, where fans were sure that a number ‘of songs were throwing shots at Cardi B.

For example in Nicki’s track titled “Ganja Burn”, she says

“Unlike a lot of these hoes weather wack or lit at least I can say I wrote every rap I spit.”

Fans were bum rushing on social media alleging , that Nicki was confirming the swirling rumors that Cardi B doesn't write most or any of her raps.

Genius Interview:

To make things more spicy, Nicki stated at a Genius interview in August of 2018 that a lot of rappers pay money to have their records played, claiming “I didn’t have all of that shit. I couldn’t pay a bunch of people to say they liked me and do all this shit.”

This made Nicki fans think that Cardi B did in fact give $60,000 to local DJ’s to spin her records.

Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party:

Finally on September 7 at the Harpers Bazaar Icon Party during New York Fashion week the rappers really got it popping. A video surfaced of Cardi B charging at Nicki Minaj saying “Come here bitch” and Nicki responding “I’m standing right here.”


While being restrained from security guards, Cardi was able to throw a shoe at Nikki's entourage, but for some strange reason ended up with a huge knot on her head in the process. The details of where she got her injury are murky but it is said that Rah Ali was in Nicki’s entourage and threw a shoe at Cardi’s head.

During the aftermath, Nicki seemed bothered posting her looks for fashion week while Cardi put up a lengthy instagram post claiming Nicki Minaj has been trying to sabotage her as an artist by blacklisting her and liking comments about her ability to be a good mother. Nicki took to her Queen Radio where she spilled the whole damn tea pot in  fiery voice she said she would never do any of those things and how Cardi told another woman on instagram that her deceased son looked like a monkey. Nicki also said that Cardi refers to black woman as monkeys and roaches.

WHEW! That’s the whole timeline of the drama between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

All we know is that at Jerk, we really hope these two women learn how to work it out because we all want to throw it back in unison when “Bodak Yellow” and “Barbie Tingz” comes on in the club.