Best SU Fitness Classes to Enroll In


Photo courtesy of Unsplash Course registration is upon us, and it’s time for us to all play the “How many classes I can get locked out of” game as we proceed from “Step 3 of 3” to “Enroll.” No matter how hard we try, we’ll all get left with just as many red X’s as classes we tried signing up for, simply because MySlice has other plans for you.

So here you are, only enrolled in two classes when you once had eight in your shopping cart, and the clock is ticking until the next enrollment period. Stakes are high; more and more classes are filling up by the second. Human Sexuality, Wine and Beer Appreciation, Alcohol Drugs & Sex: Dynamics of Addiction, and any other bullshit/easy A, class you thought about taking is now no longer available.

This is when you turn to the physical education classes offered through the School of Education. Those who can’t teach, teach gym. Although they’re only one credit and mostly all in inconvenient locations, don’t you long for those high school days of being graded on your athletic capabilities? Here is a ranked list of what you should take:

PED 200: Breathing and Meditation

Put your tuition money to good use with Breathing and Meditation by listening to the calming sounds of an instructor’s soothing voice while trying to tune out the kid snoring on his mat next to you.

PED 200: Cardio Salsa Latin Move

Are you tired of your same old grinding moves on the DJ’s dance floor? Spice up your technique with Cardio Salsa Latin Move, because what better fitting way is there to burn off the weekend’s post-tailgate Chipotle? Grab or make a friend and choreograph a routine to perform at a local Mexican restaurant as your final exam. Only prerequisite is coordination because nobody wants you stepping on their feet.

PED 200: Tabata

Even though Tabata is a workout app that you can fully do on your own, you should definitely sign up for this class if you’d prefer a teacher watching you do physical activity over sleeping in.

PED 200: Running for Fitness

What the fuck else are you running for besides fitness? President?

PED 201: Beginning Yoga/PED 204: Pilates

For all you ladies here at Syracuse for an MRS degree, “Beginning Yoga” and “Pilates” are the classes for you. This’ll help you to master the “postures, breathing techniques, and simple meditation,” so you can have an advantage over the other stay-at-home moms in your daily yogalates classes you’ll be attending after dropping the kids off at school on your way.

PED 226: Bootcamp Fitness/ PED 249: Body Works

You always say you want to work out, but “can never find the time,” which is bullshit because if you tried I guarantee you that you could find the time. But your motivation levels are lower than Donald Trump’s numbers in the polls, and you don’t even make your bed anymore because you know you’ll be right back in it within the hour. What better way to motivate yourself than putting your GPA at stake? But seriously, “forgetting how to tie your shoes” apparently isn’t a viable excused absence, and it will affect your grade. If you’re going to sign up for these, make sure you allot time after to shower because “a challenging work out for your entire body increasing strength, muscle endurance, balance, and flexibility” description for a class doesn’t really seem like a relaxation hour.

PED 250: Team Sports

Reminisce in the glory days of team games in high school gym class. Here’s to being chosen last for handball, dodgeball, volleyball, and anything involving a ball and physical activity. If you were the kid to go to his or her next class after gym drenched in sweat from excessive effort, this class is probably one for you.


These are only a few suggestions, as there are plenty of options for PED classes open to mostly everyone. Comment your own suggestions on any other classes, I’ll be learning how to sleep breathe and meditate.