Beyoncé Tries to #MakeCountryMusicGreatAgain


rs_1024x759-161102200746-1024-beyonce-dixie-chicks-cma-nashville-1-kg110216 First off: If you don’t know what the CMAs stand for it’s the Country Music Awards. This being said, it should be implied that the star of the show sings…well, country? If you watched the 50th annual CMAs last night you probably noticed something a little different, though. Beyoncé. No, the queen of everything has not officially switched over to the dark side of country, but who’s to say she can’t take the Nashville stage? Is there no one good enough to steal the show that actually qualifies as a country artist?

Many country fans are throwing a fit via twitter saying that it is not Bey’s platform to perform on. They are stating that she “invited herself.” She even got some backlash from very, let’s say, close-minded country music enthusiasts. Here are some of the tweets that stood out for their colorful nature.

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This racist backlash that was sparked from Bey’s appearance has created a huge buzz on Twitter with @CountryMusic deleting all of their tweets and posts from other social media that related to Beyoncé’s performance. Confusing messages to say the least.

Regardless of the negativity, country stars of all levels of fame teamed together to express their pride over Beyoncé’s appearance:


Even though you aren’t a country artist, Bey, you actually made a larger population of people actually excited to watch the CMAs—well, as excited as one could be to watch the CMAs. Beyoncé took the stage with the ever dazzling Dixie Chicks to bring whole new level of talent to the awards show and dynamic collaboration.

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Yet the bluegrass band in the background along with the slight gospel vibe didn’t seem to fit the essence Beyoncé elicited with “Lemonade.” Needless to say, it was a different spin on her New Orlean’s-jazz-bluesy single “Daddy Lessons” by replacing sax and trumpet with banjo and The Dixie Chicks.

While we are all well aware that Beyoncé’s most recent performances have led to an outcry of negative attention from left-wingers, we cannot help but stand with her as she celebrates and stands up for what she believes in. It is this attitude take makes us adore her so. Her bravery to step outside of the boundaries. To perform a powerful jazzy song at the Country Music Awards. If that isn’t bravery then we don’t know what is.

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