Bike Fenders

By Ashley Owen

A quick bike ride to campus after fresh rainfall (literally) precipitates into a very awkward, wet, and uncomfortable situation: swamp ass. Instead of forgoing your two-wheeled whip on a rainy day or dropping $30 on supersonic bike fenders, make your own. All it takes is a campaign poster and zip-ties to keep your backside looking fly and dry.

Materials: Campaign poster Zip-ties

Step 1 Fold the campaign poster in half the long way. Trim the poster depending on the size and width of your tires.

Step 2 Poke four holes along one short edge of the poster and loop zip-ties through the holes.

Step 3 Tightly fasten the zip-ties around the two sturdy bars stemming from your seat so that the poster securely hovers over your back tire.

Step 4 Grab your slicker, strap on your goggles, and you’re ready to bike in the worst torrential downpour Syracuse can offer. That is, until the next blizzard.

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