Blessed are the Nerds

...For they are damn sexy

By Kate Holloway

illustration of a nerd in a star wars vehicle outrunning girls by Gabrielle Hastings

I love nerds. And geeks. And all other individuals whose interests transcend applying toxic chemicals to their hair. Nerds pack knowledge. If you manage to coax them out of their states of paralyzing mutism, they’ll dispel little tidbits of knowledge like how Christopher Nolan only used CGI in The Dark Knight for about three effects. Hot.

Unfortunately, nerds and geeks are under tremendous social pressure to conform to the ritualistic dating practices of “getting laid at any cost.” Even Wired (the nerd bible) recently told the stammering men of my dreams that they need to act less socially awkward.

Fine, Wired. But maybe the techies and trekkies should seek advice from a publication whose focus is excelling in social situations and landing babes. Men’s Health directs young males to “wander away from the crowd, take in the scene, then find a painting, book, or view out a window” so women will find them more interesting. Everyone knows lying to get women into bed cultivates meaningful and lasting relationships. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Repressing geekiness isn’t just bad for the quality of one’s love life. The stereotypical social awkwardness that “plagues” nerds is what helps them create amazing things that “normal” people take for granted: Facebook, the iPhone, and some of the best cinematic adventures ever filmed (LOST, Star Wars, etc.).

So here’s a Big Bang Theory for the Leonard Hofstadters of the world: Try rockin’ it out with your horn-rimmed glasses and see what happens. I’m way more interested in your social awkwardness than that suit-wearing asshole pretending to be Ted Mosby, architect.

Illustration by Gabrielle Hastings