Block Party Fashion


By Charlotte Horton I’ve been to raves and concerts a plenty and my closet’s got the garb to prove it. Many of you Block Party-goers may be scrambling for last-minute outfit ideas, so I’ve created a quick list for ya’ll to consult for a stand-out get-up—besides wearing glow bracelets, neon, and a Kaskade tee.

1. Sequin Vest - I bought mine at Urban Outfitters for $20. It goes with everything and is the best thing to add on top of a bandeau. I’ve gotten compliments on it at every show I’ve worn it to. There’s just something about a shiny vest that grabs the attention from all the friendly people at raves.

2. Fringe - Cut up an old shirt (or a new Kaskade one?), buy a cute one that’s already got the fringe on it, whatever. Fringe is fun to dance in, and it gives your outfit the same movement you feel inside of you.

3. Neon Bandeau - If you’re going to go with the typical neon bandeau look, find one with a cool pattern. Stop at Some Girls on Marshall Street; they have dozens of colors and patterns available, and they’re selling for only $12.

4. Tutu - It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s a popular look for raves. If you’re going to dress up, why not go for the whole shebang? The only faux pas is that it’s hard to dance with someone while wearing a tutu. But, you do look pretty awesome tearing it up on your own.

5. Kaskade Booty Shorts - I found these while looking for some cool merchandise. They say “Kaskade,” and they make your ass look amazing. What more can you ask for? If you’re interested in buying other Kaskade merchandise, click here.



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