Champion. Is. Back. Let’s get a *hell ya!* We all grew up hearing about the infamous Champion sweatshirts from our parents. How boxes were put out in stores instead of spreading the garments out on display tables because the sweatshirts were gone in seconds anyways. And now their popularity has skyrocketed once again. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing Champion: from Chance The Rapper to Kendall Jenner to Drake.


In recent months, Champion has collaborated with both Urban Outfitters and Supreme, creating garments that are far more expensive than their original $10.00 sweatshirts. According to Who What Wear, “The brand that Champion just teamed up with is HVN, British model and DJ Harley Viera-Newton's namesake brand, and it's available exclusively at Urban Outfitters.”

While Champion’s popularity continues to grow, so does its price point. A typical sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters costs about $60.00, while a sweatshirt on Supreme, before resale, is around $150.00.


According to my mother, in her time stores would just put a box of Champion sweatshirts out on a display table, rather than spreading them out because they were gone so quickly. $$$ was usually not associated with Champion, especially considering their original prices. If you are like us here at Jerk, you do not want to spend $60.00 or more on a sweatshirt that used to sell for $10.00!!!!!

Have no fear...Walmart is here!!!

Walmart comes in clutch yet again with Champion sweatshirts for selling for max $35

These sweatshirts may be a little more basic than the sweatshirts sold on Urban Outfitters, but at the end of the day, it’s all the same shit.

Let’s take a look!


Both of these sweatshirts are available at Walmart for less than $25.00. In our professional opinion, this is a steal. With Champion on the rise, it’s super important to grab yours while you can and for cheap!

When you’re on your next shopping trip make sure to skip straight over to won’t be disappointed. And no, we promise we aren’t sponsored by Walmart (we wish).