Classic Registration Fuck Ups We All Can Relate To


Photo by Adham Elsharkawi If you've been through registration more than once, you know very well that it does not get better (or easier) with age. Whether you're a first semester freshman or seasoned senior, there’s simply no denying that registering for classes is a bitch and a half. No matter how far in advance you plan or how many backup schedules you may have, you can bet your schedule will not look the way you wanted it to. It’s really just Murphy’s Law.

Here are some of the most frustrating registration problems we all are forced to face. If you haven't experienced any of these scenarios yet, consider yourself #blessed.

  1. Getting locked out of required classes.

This is the WORST, especially when you're locked out of a class that's required for your major. Whether the class is filled or spots are "reserved" for unknown, possibly non-existant reasons, it sucks. It's like, come on Myslice. We're all trying to do our thang and graduate on time.

2. 8 a.m.s and Friday classes.

I get it, somebody has to take them. But I will do whatever is in my power for that somebody not to be me. Friday classes, though a real bummer, are sometimes unavoidable. But 8 a.m.s are an absolute last resort. And Friday 8 a.m.'s? An absolute fuck no.

3. Removing your hold.

Logging into MySlice and seeing you have hold, especially the day before your scheduled registration time (been there, done that) is the absolute worst. Personally, my academic advisor is extremely unhelpful, so meeting with him for the sole purpose of signing a piece of paper to remove my hold seems rather absurd.

4. When your future professor is labeled as “staff."

For the most part, professors make or break your experiences in your classes. You could be in Religion in 13th Century Scotland and have a super enthusiastic professor who somehow makes it really interesting. And this, my friends, is why we have RateMyProfessor. I research the heck out of the professors I could potentially have, but when all the classes say “staff,” there’s literally no point. Now I’m involved in a game of Russian roulette where the trigger could be pulled on my GPA. Thanks, but no thanks.

5. When freshman have an earlier registration time than you do.

Honestly why would a freshman ever need to register at the same time as juniors? And yes, this happens. I don’t care if you were a try hard in high school and took 15 AP classes, my graduation date is looming way closer than yours is. Signing up for PYS 205 does not require an early registration date.

6. When all of your classes fall on the same two days of the week.

For some odd reason, people will end up with schedules that have all Monday and Wednesday classes or all Tuesday and Thursday classes. Four or five classes on one day and than zero on another is insanely unbalanced. This makes no sense to me… especially when there are five classes available and they’re all Tuesday and Thursday. Balance is key, kids. Balance is key.

Good luck to all as the inevitable hell that is registration approaches. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

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