Creeper 2.0: Photo-Sharing with Strangers

By Shea Garner

The introduction of the recent Facebook “break-up notification” app has made it increasingly obvious that everyone, deep down, is a creeper. During a time when personal privacy is almost nonexistent—tweets, status updates, and blog posts can be stalked by pretty much anyone—are there any lines we won’t cross?

Apparently not. This week, a smartphone app called Color was introduced, which may just be the icing on the creeper cake. It’s a photo app that shares your recent photos and videos with other Color users in your area, meaning that using this cloud-based server allows you to browse a stream of random photos from people in the 315.

If we downloaded Color, here's a list of the top 3 things we’d love to see the photos of:

1. Frat initiations. Namely: freshman bros being forced to funnel PBR. 2. Chancy Nancy gettin' crunk with big-deal alumni. Namely: Dick Clark. 3. Dining hall employees in the kitchen. We want to know what the fuck is in the "Chinese food."

While downloading the Color app may seem like a cool idea, remember that even private pictures could accidentally make their way into the stream. Pubescent 13-year-olds or lonely old men could catch your last sext pics or the half-naked photo shoot that ensued after too many tequila shots. Complete strangers would be free, even encouraged, to stalk to your life.

While sharing personal info is nothing new, Color seems like it may mark the beginning of an even more creeper-friendly era. Everyone seems to know what everyone else is doing all the time already. Foursquare and Facebook enable check-ins, which let the world when you’re stopping in at the local porn shop or eating at McDonald’s for the third time in one day.

What’s next: Big Brother monitoring Xbox or Netflix queues? Here’s how that would play out: your history professor confronts you about playing World of Warcraft at 3 a.m. instead of writing your final paper. You learn that your boyfriend secretly watches The Notebook every Saturday night when he doesn’t return your texts.

And how long until a Facebook device notifies you of hookups, so you can instantly get the scoop on who’s sleeping with whom? This generation may mark the demise of personal privacy, but creepers everywhere: rejoice!

What’s the biggest creeper move that you’ve pulled on someone? Accidentally blurting out their last name when you meet someone face-to-face for the first time, since you’ve stalked them on Facebook? Comment below!