David Dobrik’s Vlogs Are Our Newest Binge Obsession


When it comes to TV and Netflix shows, 4 minutes and 21 seconds is the length of about one kinda interesting scene, but when vlogger David Dobrik is in charge, 4 minutes and 21 seconds contain an entire day (sometimes days) in his life.


David has been posting vlogs for three years and currently has over nine million subscribers on YouTube (not to mention the fact that he has 45 MILLION views on his breakup video). In one four minute and 21 second video (sense the theme?), David waves to Jay Leno who drives past him, he buys a Chanel bag for his friend’s mom, he and his friends go on a private jet to Las Vegas, his friend, Zane, gets so drunk that he falls face first on the concrete while coming out of a limo, his friends win $2,000 at a casino and he hires male strippers for his best friend’s mom. We don’t care how many people die on Grey’s or hookup on Riverdale if we can get that much entertainment in a free YouTube video under five minutes.


At only 22, David’s vlogs have gained him a $4 million net worth. David acts as the director, editor, producer and sometimes star of all his vlogs and does anything he can for good content, including torturing his friends. He makes his friends lay down on the floor and surprises them with cockroaches, puppies, alligators, baby monkeys and even a baby bear (we wouldn’t consider this part of the torture tactics, it just helps with the vlog’s cuteness factor). But David makes up for the torture by buying his friends new cars (which he’s done multiple times with the help of the company SeatGeek.)


David’s vlogs are ultimately successful due to the crazy cast of characters. Each of David’s friends has gained a reputation or characterization from the vlogs. Jason is a dad (and also Trisha Paytas’ boyfriend if you are OG YouTube fans) whose slogan is, “I’m not like most kids, I’m 45,” Zane is an absolute king who gets drunk too often, Jonah is fat, Heath’s obsessed with cigarettes and coke, Corinna and Todd are both “sluts” (no wonder they ended up together), Alex is aggressive yet adorably sexy, Scott is self-deprecating, Dom is dumb and STD-ridden, David is the rich friend who takes advantage of everyone else for good content and Josh Peck ran over Oprah.

David edits his vlogs so that they’re short and quick. Things are happening one after the other and that’s a big part of what keeps viewers entertained. Viewers are also interested in the drama between the members of the Vlog Squad. Are Jason and Trisha back together? Is Dom gay? Why did David and Liza break up? It’s like This Is Us but instead you don’t end up crying for three hours afterwards. Or maybe you do. We don’t judge.


Watching David’s vlogs is a must but be warned, they’re incredibly addicting. One more vlog turns into three more which turns into ten more. Before you know it it’s 2 AM and you have class in six hours. But really, do yourself a favor and watch David’s vlogs. There’s nowhere else you can see a bunch of 20 year olds, a 40 year old, and an Armenian family hanging out together.