A Definitive Ranking of VSCO Filters


Even though the majority of us are not Instagram models, the majority of college students take to Instagram to showcase the best versions of our Insta-fame-less selves. Spending two hours on one post sounds absurd but is, in all honesty, not that unrealistic (think: a half-hour-long heated debate in your group chat over which photo is flattering of all of you, another 30 minutes applying different filters, and a painfully long hour to think of the perfect caption). But, we have your back: without further ado, here’s Jerk’s ranking of VSCO filters, from shittiest to best, to help you get that perfect ~aesthetic~ without the hassle as modeled by Spiffy the cat.   VSCO T1

As you can see, Spiffy is clearly washed out by this filter and his orange fur has lost its bright, tangy color. Maybe T1 would be great if you’re stranded in the Sahara Desert with nothing surrounding you but sand. Considering we go to an orange school and the tailgates are about to get wild, you do not want anything to dull the brightness of an elevated surface East Adams picture. There is no reason why anyone in their right mind would use this boring filter, putting it at the bottom of the list. 


This filter is more confusing than anything. You cannot even see Spiffy’s neck because it’s completely blacked out by the filter. The only blacking out that should be happening should be from wine or vodka, but definitely not VSCO. There are three black and white filters on VSCO and honestly why would you ever use any of them? In what world is this dull and unflattering filter even necessary? VSCO, you really need to get your shit together. Spiffy and us are all offended by X1. 


With M5, Spiffy looks like he’s posing for one of those horrific old-timey photographs at an amusement park. All he needs is a bayonet and a top hat. This filter completely washes him out because of his fur color. His white paw basically blends in with the counter top. You’re all just as fabulous as Spiffy and you should be popping in your Instagram photos. I do not suggest using this unless you’re going to a 1920s themed party or if you find a time machine somewhere. Those are the only exceptions. 


Is this not the cutest face you have ever seen? This is Spiffy up close and purrrsonal. M3 enhances Spiffy’s orange color and also removes some of his fur blemishes (don’t tell him I said that) and it makes him look extra soft. The M3 filter is a great filter for game day pics because it does accentuate orange colors and it brings out the different underlying tones. This filter is perfect when capturing the mass amounts of people decked out in orange in the Carrier Dome, or if you’re capturing a rare and beautiful Syracuse sunset. 


C1 is easily the best filter on VSCO. I use it on virtually all of my pictures because when you play around with it, it looks like your picture is barely edited – which is always the goal. Think no makeup-makeup look but for your Instagram. In this picture, Spiffy’s fur looks very detailed and his orange color looks natural. The C1 filter is great when you’re trying to go for that natural look or if you’re trying to capture a bright outdoorsy setting. I would highly recommend this filter to anyone who is not an editing specialist for that flawless finish.  

All in all, I think we’ve learned a lot here. VSCO filters are either virtually unusable or they’re your cure-all. Editing requires much more than just slapping a filter on an image, but hey, it's a start.  More importantly, I think we learned that Spiffy is easily the cutest cat ever. For more adorable pictures of my cat, feel free to hit me up!