Did Someone Say Broad City In Schine?


https://twitter.com/andrewsaltman/status/651550101333221376 If you like to laugh, listen up. If you don’t, consult a physician.

Comedy lovers rejoice—University Union has done it again. After kicking off this year’s comedy series with Keenan Thompson, UU is bringing another Class Act to campus on October 24th... Broad City.

Broad City is essentially two things: a seasonal show on Comedy Central and a web series of comedy sketches. The show stars its creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and follows their lives as ridiculous twenty-something-year-olds who tackle life in the Concrete Jungle. In the show, Abbi and Ilana shine light on some of life’s most mundane events in a way that is both hilarious, uncomfortable, and hilariously uncomfortable. They have a skit for just about anything you could be going through in your twenties. For example...

When they Syracuse weather locks you indoors.


When you don’t know what to wear to a formal or date night.


When food is your religion.


When you’re having apartment troubles.


When you finally get your paycheck.


When you just want to spice things up.


Whether you’ve followed the show since 2014, have only seen a few of their short skits, or totally thought Broad City was a musical instead of a comedy group… you won’t want to miss this night of stomach-busting laughter. But if you want a ticket, you should literally drop what you’re doing and run to Schine this instant… the ticket line was out the door this morning and the box office will be swept clean before you can say Shabbat Shalom.

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