DisneyBounding: The Do's and Don'ts of Dressing Like a Literal Princess

Taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/BBnahUExnrX/ It’s no secret that Disney will forever be a part of our world. Young, old, middle-aged with slightly thinning hair – Disney will exist in pop culture, home memories, last-minute Christmas presents and more. Bitches love Disney.

But is there a place where we should draw the line? No. Apparently not, considering the alarming amount of people these days that are into “DisneyBounding.” No, it’s not some kinky fairytale junk, but it does involve costumes and the occasional role-play.

DisneyBounding is the act of dressing oneself according to stylistic inspiration of a certain Disney character or entity. If you wanted to DisneyBound as Cinderella, you could wear a blue dress, white heels and a necklace with a tiara charm. But it’s not just for characters. If you wanted to DisneyBound as a Magic Kingdom turkey leg, you could go to the deli and cover your body in absurdly large chunks of meat.

That last part’s not actually DisneyBounding, but if Lady Gaga could do it, so can you.

The degree of how much a person incorporates a Disney character’s appearance into their outfit ranges. There’s the most common form: kids and teenagers headed to the parks. It’s cute, lighthearted fun and makes for great Insta photos.

Then there are those who go full-out, the lightweight cosplayers. These are the people who are going to have a Disney wedding, name their children Aurora and Phillip and paint their house like the one from Up. They’re Comic-Con ready with not a freckle or bang out of place. Wigs and weaves, makeup and mimosas - these Disney ballers spend every day spreading the word of Walt through their style. The best become social media stars, like Traci Hines (@tracihines).

And the worst? Who’s to say who’s better at DisneyBounding and who looks like they weren’t loved enough as a child? No one, because DisneyBounding is all about showing your appreciation for a great legacy and having fun with your own quirky style.

HOWEVER, there’s a time for fun and games and a time for not getting fired from your desk job. In case you’re thinking of experimenting with the trend, let’s delineate exactly where and when DisneyBounding is acceptable or a social repellent.

YES: grab your best bud and do a couple’s theme during the school trip to Disney World.

NO: do not go to a job interview with mouse ears and white gloves. Unless you’re trying to work for the mouse, buy gray slacks and pretend to be an adult.

YES: go nuts if kids are involved. Pretend to be a princess-gone-casual at her day job. Let children try to guess who you are and help them make their own outfit. Sing to them and introduce them to woodland creatures. Just try anything to get kids off their damn electronics.

NO: don’t dress as Aladdin, buy a hover board and tell innocent passersby you could show them a whole new world. It’s next level creepy.

YES: play dress up and enjoy how cute you are, especially if you’re getting over a break up. Forget about being his princess and start being your own queen.

HELL NO: do not attend a funeral in Disney-themed attire. I will bippity boppity boop your ass out if you try to pay respects to your grandfather with a pastel tulle skirt and spotted knee-highs. And no dressing like Hades from Hercules either, that would just be cruel and unusual.

Overall, DisneyBounding is a silly, wonderful way to keep a little magic in your life. Looks like we can be young, wild and free and still embrace our inner Disney kid. What a time to be alive.