DJ’s is Coming For Your Neck (and Your Wallet)


Last Thursday (9/6), DJ’s On the Hill, more commonly known as DJ’s, ramped up their usual cover charge of $10 - $20 to $40 for the night. Yeah, you read that right. FORTY. FUCKING. DOLLARS.

We at Jerk can’t think of anything that warrants a cover charge that high, especially a bar where the main attraction is a cage you pay money to put your friends in (?). However, DJ’s is apparently on that exclusive shit now and has no pity for the fact that you spent your last $10 on Chipotle.

Many of the students that came to DJ’s that night left when they heard they would have to pay that much to get in, including freshman Wyatt Gillespie. He eloquently stated, “I was in line, then I heard the cover was $40, so I fucking dipped.”

This begs the question, why did DJ’s up the cover charge on this particular night?

Some blame the Greek life blackout that occurred last weekend, and no, we aren’t talking about the kind of blackout you regularly associate with after hours on Comstock. Students are calling it a “social blackout,” meaning that nothing was happening on Greek row.

This detrimental party drought meant that there were no late-night frat parties for freshmen girls to aimlessly funnel into or closed afters for boys to get consistently rejected from.

This lack of activity caused hoards of people to head to DJ’s for the night, which the bar took notice of, and raised their cover charge. This then leads to the question: is it okay to take advantage of freshman like this?

One can say yes, because even though we’re all annoyed about the upcharge, you have to admit it’s a smart move. It shows that DJ’s knows their crowd well and how desperate they are to raise their BACs to an alarming level.

However, making freshmen in college pay $40 to awkwardly bop around in a sweaty basement-turned-bar while struggling to keep their vodka Redbull from ending up on the floor is a bit of a stretch. We understand the need to bring in the funds, but people are gonna show up to DJ’s anyway, the bar doesn’t need to upcharge like they’re a nightclub in Ibiza.

So, like moths to a light (or drunk girls to Insomnia at 2 am), we will return to the old gem of DJ’s, no matter how much they fuck us over.