Drunk Sex vs. High Sex


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.31.45 PM Everyone’s got different turn-ons, and while it’s important to stay consensual when getting sexy, a large part of the ever-present hookup culture is weed and alcohol—maybe a combination of both. Is sex better when drunk? Is it better when high? Will your mom be disappointed in you for reading this article? To find out, we at Jerk investigated.

Sex While High

The Pros: It’s common knowledge that weed makes everything better. For some people, it makes them feel less nervous, which tends to make sex-havers less self-conscious. While stoned, it’s easier to forget what you look like while you’re going down on him/her, or be less worried what you smell like down there. It’s also easier to be bold and brash in the bedroom because you will likely feel less insecure, and the tingly sensation heightens your sense of touch. Sex while high can be a very calm and intimate experience with a partner whom you trust.

The Cons: Sometimes when you smoke, you never know what you’re going to get. If it happens to be one of those paranoid highs, your sexual experience is probably not going to be ideal. If you’re freaking out, it may be a good idea to call the whole thing off and channel your high-ness by watching weird YouTube videos instead. Also, sometimes you just want to eat a bag of hot Cheetos and sleep, which isn’t the sexiest of attitudes…but still good if you want to cuddle with your significant other.

Sex While Drunk

The Pros: The greatest thing about your drunken state is that you feel less inhibited and just do whatever feels right. It’s a good time to experiment with your partner and try new things in the bedroom without worrying too much about anyone’s opinions. Alcohol can make you feel more confident and sexier, which is never a bad thing.

The Cons: The biggest con? Whiskey Dick. Sure, you may feel more turned on and in need of some lovin’ while drunk but alcohol has an annoying tendency to ruin the mood when a guy can’t awaken his beast in the process. Plus, sloppy sex is not fun for anyone.


The Conclusion: Sex is great on its own, but adding something else into the mix can make the experience even more enticing. As long as things are A-OK and you’re with a partner you trust, it may be fun to play with the extremes.