Everything That Happened When Oprah Visited 'Cuse


IMG_5117 In case you didn't notice the major construction, large-scale media coverage, or mass hysteria and excitement around campus, we'll clue you in — Oprah came to Syracuse today.

Oprah was part of the dedication ceremony for an $18 million renovation of Newhouse 2 featuring Dick Clark Studios and the Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation. The day (branded as #NewhouseStudio) included a series of media-related events, but we all know we were really just there for the queen of media (and maybe the free champagne).

The day included a luncheon, in which Newhouse donors, professors, and some lucky students got to wine and dine with Oprah herself...while the rest of us looked on from the balcony as if we were watching animals eat at the zoo. Nonetheless, we were breathing the same air as Oprah, so no complaints.

Seats were limited, but we've got your back. Here's a video of her entire inspirational speech, plus our live tweets throughout the day, from Goldstein Auditorium to the ribbon cutting on Waverly.



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