Experience Exhibitionism


Photo by Chaz Delgado Usually sex is considered a “private activity.” A hush-hush event that occurs behind closed doors that you pray no one else in the house (roommates, children, dogs, ghosts) can hear. But what happens when the doors are opened? You’re outside, on a roof, in a park, on a beach, in a church and the mood strikes. Do you wait for the safety of your own home or get down and dirty in the actual dirt? Is it even worth it? What about not being in a bed makes sex so much hotter? Or is this just another lie The Notebook has told us? SU students shared some stories with us on just how hot (or not) sex without walls really is.

On a beach

Hot or Not? “You think it sounds cool and hot but it’s actually disgusting. Sand EVERYWHERE—not a great feeling.”

On top of the Gucci Museum in Florence

Hot or Not? “No, not at all. I was super trashed, and then he looked into my soul uncomfortably while I drunk cried. I’m not sure if that was because we were outside or not.”

Thornden Park in November

Hot or Not? “Hot in the first few seconds but then it was freezing. Then I remembered we were in Thornden Park and it just felt…wrong? Woke up with branches in my hair and hella bruises. Would probably do it again.”

Roof of the Figi frat house, and on a balcony in Barcelona

Hot or Not? “On the roof the tar paper turned my entire back black, but both were worth it for the story.”

“In the mountains in the back of my truck.”

Hot or Not? “Wow this is so country…but it was pretty cool, there were stars. Would def do again.”

“Two different public parks in broad daylight.”

Hot or Not? “Once you find a good area it’s great! One time was on a bench—perfect positioning. The other time was on rocks and branches—definitely not as hot.”


Looking for your own exhibitioner experience?? Or just need a study break? Below is a ranking of best places to bang on our very own campus.

  1. Library Quiet Room – Club Bird is even more lit. You have to rent a quiet room but once you do, feel free to let your freak flag fly. A perfect place for quirky librarian role play if you’re into that.
  2. Edit Suites (Newhouse or VPA) – a dark sound-proof room? The perfect spot. Watch out for the doors, though. They don’t lock.
  3. Whitman Team Room – learn how to be a true team player during the afterhours of Whitman.
  4. Cubicles in Schine – if you find that special someone with a lock code to one of these magic cubicles, you can go at it without hesitation.
  5. Projection Room in HBC – Yet another exclusive spot, the projection room is ultra secretive. Find a person with a key and create your own movie magic.
  6. Roof of Slocum – Architecture students are always under a lot of stress. Props if you can find one of them to take you up to the roof to see the campus in a whole different light.
  7. Sides of Crouse – these sneaky little alcoves are the perfect spot to get it on Harry Potter style. Some even believe it’s possible during daylight to not get caught.
  8. On top of the Mount Steps – One of the boldest moves you could make. With the unpredictable Syracuse weather combined with the agility it would take to get up there, this would be an impressive accomplishment. Who says everyone hates the steps?