Face Time: PJ Alampi


By Alexis Rodriguez

The complaints about not being able to get to Target without a car or wanting Taco Bell back in Kimmel need to be heard by someone, right? This week, Student Association is holding elections. Luckily for you, we grabbed one of the candidates, PJ Alampi, to find out more about his involvement with SA, his campaign experience, and his fear of mascots.

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When did you first become involved with Student Association? I joined my Freshman year, the second week I was on campus.

What’s your favorite thing about Syracuse? I can tell you it’s not the snow, but it’s definitely the school spirit and that everyone is connected to the university. Everyone wants to get involved and students want to give back and enjoy their time here at the university—and people come back to enjoy life on campus even though they have graduated.

Which celebrity do you want to punch in the face? I’ve never been asked this question before. If I were to punch anyone in the face it would be Paris Hilton. She just dumbs down the entire nation—I mean The Simple Life...

What song you will never get sick of? I will never get sick of—can I say a song I’m really into? I’m really into "Home" by Phillip Phillips. I don’t like American Idol right now, but that one song really caught me.

If you were an animal, which would you be and why? I would be a two-headed zebra because it was my school mascot, which is really strange. It has two brains, so I could bounce ideas off of myself.

Do you have any strange recurring dreams? I tend to have a lot of dreams with mascots in them. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of mascots. When the Easter bunny would come I would hide under my table—I would even be afraid of the mascots in Disney. Otto scares the beejezus out of me but we’re still friends. Freshman year he stole my sunglasses on the quad and I was like “Why is this happening to me? I’m just a freshman!”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? It’s been my dream to go on a yacht or boat and sail all through Europe and see all the different countries. I’ve always wanted to do a summer or semester at sea. If I’m ever rich or famous, I’m going to get a nice boat and sail with my friends on it all throughout Europe. Or on the other hand I would want to go Atlantis—fake Atlantis [the Bahamas resort]. Not real Atlantis.

Who is your favorite celebrity? I love Oprah—I feel like that’s a stereotypical answer though. But, my all time fave celebrity is Sophia Grace. Her and Rosie are hilarious—they sang Nicki Minaj on Ellen. They’re a little outdated, but they are my favorite celebrities. But Oprah follows right after—she should be honored.

How has the campaigning experience been so far? It’s been fun. It’s scary at first since you don’t know what to expect. It started last spring when I met with my team and we discussed what we were going to do. My team and I have had a lot of fun with it. No matter what the outcome is, it’s been a great experience so far.

If you could trade places with anyone else for a day, who would it be? Nancy Cantor—I just want to see what her life is. I want to see what her house looks like. How does Nancy Cantor live? She’s awesome—she’s one of my favorite people.

What food can’t you live without? Mac and Cheese.

What’s your favorite website to procrastinate on? I do a lot of Stumble Upon, but whenever I feel I want to procrastinate I go on Tetris Friends and play Tetris against random people. It’s really cool—I’m on level 13. If you lose you drop two levels so I try to never lose a game. It’s really fun.

What was your most embarrassing moment? It was last year and I was taping down a wire after RA training and I leaned over and boom!—my pants split. I didn’t know what to do in that moment so I just said I’m going to go—it was a very uncomfortable moment.

Describe your worst RA experience in one word. "Really?"

What’s your favorite TV show? My top two are Grey's Anatomy and Glee.

Do you have any siblings? I’m one of four. I have two older sisters and a brother. My brother is younger than me and he’s taller—he’s 6 foot 3 inches. It’s scary. He’s a sophomore in high school.

What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself? Quirky, understanding, and innovative.

If you were only allowed to change one thing at SU what would it be? I would have students attend more of the unattended events on campus cause I feel that would lead to more things happening on campus and lead to a more inclusive community.

When do you feel that you are the happiest? When I have no homework to do and I am literally just sitting and talking with people. When I’m just having random conversation I can really unwind.

What would you say your greatest achievement is? Getting into college. I was very nervous about the whole process and was really excited to get into Syracuse.

What is your most prized possession? Probably my laptop—If I lost it I’d be screwed.

Which famous person are you most like? Russell from Up. I want to help and I’m determined to help. I just want to find a friend and make a difference in the world.

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