FaceTime: Isaiah Travis and Cydney Nunn


By Jamie Peraza | Photo by Shanna Lynn Chappell Is hip-hop dead? According to juniors Isaiah Travis and Cydney Nunn, hip-hop is alive and well and making its way to Syracuse University. The two music enthusiasts talk to JERK about bringing a student hip-hop organization to campus and what their favorite songs are right now. Travis, president of the organization, tells us about his experience as an artist while Nunn, secretary, talks to us about her freshman year.

1. Describe yourself in one sentence. 

IM: I am a self-motivated Syracuse University junior from Brooklyn.

CN: I am a young Syracuse University student who is very creative and independent.

2. How do you two know each other and how did you meet?

CN: We met each other at Home to the Dome and he was actually my first friend. From there we became cool because we have a lot of similar interests.

IM: Yeah, that was pretty much it. We’ve been friends ever since.

3. What exactly is this student hip-hop organization and what can we expect from it in the future? 

IM: Well, it’s a group specific to the culture of hip-hop and those who identify with it. Its purpose and motto is “higher learning through hip-hop.” It’s an organization that was first started in 2006 at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Today there are student hip-hop organizations on eight other campuses mostly in the DMV area—DC, Maryland, Virginia. Our organization is the first in New York. We are officially recognized as a group on campus but are still in the preliminary stages. We’re currently shooting a promotional video to spread the word about us.

CN: We plan on doing a lot in the future—everything from showing documentaries on A Tribe Called Quest to listening parties and shows. I had an idea for a forum in which we could discuss how hip-hip differs regionally. There are a lot of things we hope to do with the org.

4. Do you play any instruments? 

IM: You know, I dabbled in a few like the piano, guitar, trombone, and saxophone but I’m really not very good at any of them. I also used to rap a little bit, but it’s not really something I do.

CN: (laughs) I am talentless, but I make a good critic!

5. Freshman year at SU, you were the kid who…

IM: Was always in the computer lab at Link that nobody really knew until second semester.

CN: Went to everything freshman year. I went to every single party, every weekend, for the whole year!

6. What’s something people don’t know about you?

IM: People don’t know that I’m really bad with names.

CN: I’m kind of an open book, but I guess nobody really knows that I had a really bad lisp as a child.

7. Greatest cheesy 90s song?

IM: This is a hard one. I have to go with MC Hammer on this one, “Can’t Touch This.”

CN: Rico Suave by Gerardo. Or is that the 80s? Well, if it’s in the 90’s, that’s my answer; that song is so cheesy.

8. If you could be reincarnated as someone dead or alive, who would it be?

IM: I’m not sure I would want to be anyone else because I’m pretty happy with myself. I guess if I had to choose someone it would be LeBron James, but just for like a day and only for his athleticism.

CN: Oh, I would be Blue Ivy Carter because her life is about to be too poppin’! She has everything!

9. Favorite song out right now?

CN: “Intruder” by Wiz Khalifa. I tend to obsess over certain songs for awhile.

IM: I was going to go with that one too but I’m going to say “My Favorite Song” by Wiz Khalifa

10. Where can people go for updates on your organization? 

IM: We’ll have a Facebook page soon but for right now you can just visit www.theshho.com. Look out for our promo video coming out soon too!