Fashion to the Max


9f1cc7a394da0329822a4d89c6358e12 Due to my serious shopping addiction, I recently bought a pair of white sneakers I wasn’t 100% sold on. Turning to the only reliable source I had, Snapchat, I mass snapped a pic of my purchase with the caption “y/n?” My snap confidants didn’t disappoint, but when one friend/spirit guide/style icon replied with a flat out “no,” I questioned his reasoning, to which he definitively snapped back, “Maximalism is in.”

Since then, I’ve contemplated this thought and can’t help but notice all the signs point to this conclusion. It seems minimalism is out and maximalism somehow made its quiet entry on to fashion’s center stage. In Jerk’s March print issue, you saw last month’s Gawk shoot was all about maximalism and the idea that more is more. Wearing a plain white button up? Throw a corseted dress over it. Wearing striped pants? How about a plaid sweater to match? We’re living in a new age of fashion; the bad and boujee era, where chaotic style choices fittingly match the country’s current political climate.

Don’t get it twisted, there is a fine line between maximalism and looking like a clown. You can perpetuate the message of “more is more,” while also including some coordination to the chaos. If you’re going to clash prints, try to look for similar color schemes or even matching prints in different color schemes. Playing with different occasion clothing can also be fun, so try throwing a party dress over a collared shirt for a business dressy look. If you’re all about embellishments, try mixing textures by pairing a sequined piece with a feathery/faux fur jacket or skirt.

The key to pulling of maximalism, like any trend, is confidence. Don’t be afraid to look like you’re going to Coachella without actually going to Coachella. The best news? You can easily pull off a maximalist look using clothing items you probably already own. If not, Forever 21 is a maximalist mecca, and you won’t go broke by picking up a few pieces to elevate your wardrobe to a new level of extra.

If you don’t think you’re bold enough to become a full on maximalista, ease into the trend with accessories. Don’t be afraid to rock a ring on every finger or deck your neck out with some serious chains. If you’re feeling super thrifty, you can even try vamping up your own clothes by buying embellishments at your local craft store and adding them on yourself. By putting some trim on an old skirt, or bedazzling a basic sweater, you’ll save some cash and own something no one else has. Patches and pins are also a great and an inexpensive way to spice up your clothes, and adding them onto a jacket or even an old bag can take your old pieces from dull to trendy AF. So add a ruffle or a flare like you just don’t care! And make every day of your life ~perfectly extra~.