Feast Your Eyes on Fast Food Fashion


Have you ever worked behind the counter at a restaurant or some big brand name chain and been forced to wear a hideous polyester uniform with the name of the company plastered on the front? Well I’m sure some of you have, and none of your efforts to accessorize help. Not even your oversized gold hoops and yellow fringe scrunchie that you copied off Bon Qui Qui, our beloved King Burger employee, were you ever able to pull off your shapeless polo shirt and ill-fitted khakis.

Good news for you guys—your hideous fast food uniform might be getting an update sooner than you can say, “Two double-cheese burgers, side of lettuce, side of tomato, large fries, and vanilla milkshake.”

This month, Forever21 and Taco Bell teamed up to do a collaboration so that people can sport some pretty cute Taco Bell apparel, and we’re living ‘más’ for it. While you might not be seeing any Taco Bell employees wearing millennial pink pullover hoodies or hot sauce inspired tank tops behind counters (yet), this may be a step in the right direction to getting Taco Bell and other fast food chains on board with updating their uniforms.

Photo from Forever 21

The creator our beloved crunchwraps wasn’t the first to take fast food into fashion. In March 2014, Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott paid homage to McDonalds in his debut collection. He repurposed McDonald’s famed golden arches into a heart-shaped “M” for Moschino. The collection obviously consisted of bright red-and-yellow pieces, including tailored pant and skirt suits, a quilted handbag, two different pumps, a sweater reading “MOSCHINO over 20 million served,” a happy meal shaped handbag, a jumbo sized fountain drink shaped handbag, a fur coat, and a French fry phone case. Anna Dello Russo, Jourdan Dunn, and Katy Perry notably sported the Happy Meal-ready collection.

Photo from djursh.blogspot

Finally, White Castle announced in early September that they had enlisted in the help of fashion designer Telfar Clemens to update their uniforms. The goal? Make them more appealing to the employees. Better yet, make working for White Castle ~chic. Streetwear is reportedly coming soon, but until then, the only way to snag the look is through a job application.

White Castle VP Jamie Richardson put it best when he said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished by saving 3 cents per uniform.”