Fitness Attire

bots By Kelley Rowland

Well known super model Heidi Klum is collaborating with New Balance on an active wear line. Fashion bloggers on Instagram photograph their multitude of multi colored Nikes and hash tag “obsessed”. Girls at Syracuse University don their Lulu lemon leggings (no longer see through) on the reg.

So it seems, unfortunately, that the active wear trend is here to stay, as it has slowly taken over the realm of casual dress. As someone who finds solace in getting ready in the morning and attempting to look put together, this latest craze has me wondering: Can fitness attire be stylish or is it just an exemplification of down right laziness?

Whether you like it or not, what you decide to wear in the morning says something about you. So does wearing spandex, sports bras and tees make someone appear fit because it implies they work out? Or does it mean the wearer is a lethargic slug who can’t bother to pick out clothes in the morning?

The business of in vogue work out wear is booming and being fashionable is no longer just about dressing well, it’s about looking healthy and being fit too. Celebrities, models, and fashion moguls alike are all jumping on this boat, but then again, most of them actually do work out. That’s not to say that girls at Syracuse don’t necessarily, but it’s hard to believe they hit the gym as often as their clothes convey.

Work out gear may be functional and comfortable, but overall, I find it impossible to acknowledge it as fashion. It’s not creative, unique, or inspiring and really should only be worn when you’re going to work the hell out. Certain garments are appropriate for certain activities and they should never intermix.

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