Fright Night at Creepy Camp

By Karen Hor

Dear Generation “Are You Afraid of the Dark?" - it’s time to tell your own tales of horror.

There may not be a campfire, but Creepy Camp’s walk-through attractions are located on “haunted grounds.” Voted “Best Creepy Place in Syracuse” by Syracuse New Times, Creepy Camp is a great alternative to an otherwise skanky/drunken night at SU frat parties. Creepy Camp is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month with three chilling attractions: “Creepy Cabins,” “Intensity,” and its newest addition, “Slaughterhouse.” All attractions close after October 31, so it’s time to swallow your fears and drive down to Chittenango before it's too late. I’d rather not ruin the experience for you all; and frankly, I want you all to piss in your pants as I have, so I will try my best to be brief. But I will tell you there are fairly tasty creepy concessions, frightful novelties, gruesome giveaways, and FREE parking.

Creepy Cabins

One of Creepy Camp’s oldest attractions, “Creepy Cabin” is a haunted house where a scary faces are happily waiting to greet you at every corner. It’s a complete walk-through attraction with over 25 different twisted rooms with adaptations from Hollywood scenes, including the morbid Hollywood characters. It's a cornucopia of living dead: zombies, mutated corpses, goblins, phantoms and more. Don’t worry, they won’t touch you (seriously, it’s their policy).


Noted as one of the most popular attractions in Creepy Camp, “Intensity” is a 75 percent pitch black labyrinth. Inescapable flashes of ghoulish faces, bloody tired eyes, and opened-mouths that, surprisingly, do not reek of bad breath. Other flash images include creations from the brains behind Creepy Camp. I do not recommend this attraction if you are feeling unwell, because it will be a bit nauseating. You will certainly be seeing stars in shapes of skeletons for the rest of your night.


“Slaughterhouse” is the attraction for you if you have a stomach-churning fetish for all things drenched in blood. “Slaughterhouse” returns to Creepy Camp with twice as much gore than the murders in Saw I, II, III, IV and V–combined! This attraction will make you squeal and wish you were home watching Hostel instead. “Slaughterhouse,” as its name implies, contains concepts of mentally twisted violence. I hope you don’t have a particular difficulty differentiating playtime with reality, because “Slaughterhouse” will seriously get you thinking.

Join the joyful festivity before it’s too late! We busted our asses with mid-terms and exams this week; it’s time to have the living hell scared out of us. I hope you’re afraid of the dark.

Proceeds from Creepy Camp will benefit the adaptive summer and year-round programs of High Esteem's Camp Goodwill (HECG), which is a not-for-profit that provides residential camping and respite for CNY children and young adults with physical disabilities and of special needs.

The haunting takes place from October 1 to October 31, Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m. through midnight. Every Sunday and on Thursday, October 28 7:30 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. Route 13 (Falls Blvd.) off Route 5 between Chittenango and Cazenovia.