Has Gaga Finally Gone Off the Deep End?

Replay: Lady Gaga Image from ladygaga.com BY: Jean Fitz

Since hitting the scene, Lady Gaga has doted costume-esque or grotesque at all times. Be it her intense child-colored-out-of-the-lines makeup, channeling Holly Golightly whilst shopping in New York City, or rocking a Kermit the Frog costume, being Gaga ain’t easy! In an article on huffingtonpost.com, the Mother Monster says her creative outfits are, “How I deal with my insanity” and that the creativity saves her.

Gaga is known for the symbolism and messages found in her videos as well as their obscene weirdness, odd outfits, and frequent death references. It isn’t that she is disturbing per se, she is just odd and sexual in an unsexy way. Though Mother Monster can be quite the intriguing artist, she is talented as a songwriter, performer, and can pull off any look (even though most of her outfits wouldn’t even be seen in Party City’s costume section) and on an intellectual level, her videos and songs are more stimulating and meaningful than the pop stars she competes against today.

Do you ever wonder about the creative process Gaga goes through? Does she sit in her all-white, all-plastic home and use a dry erase marker to draw her masterpieces, write her lyrics, and create performance storyboards? Maybe, it’s more of a vision she has in the middle of the night or a bad acid trip. The world may never know the true way it goes down, but up until recently, her manager, Troy Carter, has helped her with every decision since her “Lady Gaga” career started.

Together they have been a hugely successful team, though recently, Gaga and Carter parted ways due to “creative differences.” We can’t help but wonder if this is the biggest mistake of her career or her best idea yet. She and Carter have made a huge pop star out of Stefani Germanotta, so huge that in 2015, Gaga is taking to the mother ship to be the first professional singer to put on a show in space for Zero-G Music Tech Festival. We can only imagine the green alien or strategically placed glow-in-the-dark stars to come, but we wish Carter were around to tone it down.

I don’t know about you, but I’m scared for the future of Gaga. How can she get any more “creative” than what we’ve seen since 2007? Especially in recent weeks. All we know is the next time we see Lady Gaga, the monsters won’t be under the bed, they’ll probably be snuggled in with you trying to hide from Mother.


p.s. here’s a fun quiz on buzzfeed to see if you can guess if it’s a celeb Halloween costume or a Gaga ensemble


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